Friday, May 26, 2017

WKRLEM: Pay the Danegeld.

I watch a lot of English TV. American TV has just become to needlessly bloody and coarse. Every show has serial killers and burned and an eviscerated corpse in every other scene. Even a dumb fun series like Hawaii Five O has to have scenes set in the morgue where the detectives talk over the dead body that has just been autopsied and you get to see all the marks and cuts the doctor used. It is just unnecessary.

So I enjoy the English shows that are not as bloody. They have  smart detectives and historical dramas and funny comedies. Downton Abby. Lark Rise to Candleford. Vera. Silk. Grantchester. Doc Martin.  Stella. Last Tango to Halifax. Call the Midwife. Best of all are the shows set during World War 2. Folye's War. Home Fires.

Home Fires in particular is very enjoyable. It is about a village at the beginning of World War Two and how the villagers cope with the war effort. The English are shown to be plucky doughty fighters. Fighting to their last breath to resist the Nazi's. Everyone from the vicar in the church to the washerwoman were in on the fight to the knife.

That England is dead.

Now they let Muslims groom and rape their children. They let them cut the head off their soldiers on the streets of London. They let their children be murdered at pop concerts. They don't do anything about it.

How do they respond. With Candles. Rallies. Saying that "hate" will not win. That they love their Muslims no matter how many of them rape and kill their people.

The people I see on those TV shows would not have stood for that. They would have fought back. They wouldn't have been politically correct and kiss the Paki's ass. They would have smashed them.

But then who are we to talk. We never took the proper revenge for 911. Sure we invaded Iraq to held out Bush's friends the Saudis. Now even Donald Trump is kissing their sand monkey ass. Thousands of the best of our youth were killed and maimed. For what? For jack shit. We needed to destroy these animals. Expel them from our country. Any of these so called "Know wolves" need to be rounded up and taken to Gitmo and we need to find out what is what. The way they would have in World War Two. If the government doesn't have the balls then they should contract it out. When the FBI couldn't find the missing civil rights workers they called Greg Scarpa down to Mississippi to find out where the bodies were buried. He threw the head of the KKK into his trunk. Tied him to a chair and put a gun in his mouth. He found out exactly where the bodies were in two minutes. That is what we need to do with these terrorists.  Mafia style. Enough with the Marquis of Queensbury Rules. Are we going to wait for them to detonate a nuclear dirty  bomb before we wake up?

The liberals and the neocon conservative establishment want us to pay the Danegeld. To appease these disgusting sand monkeys and their religion of peace. I thought and hoped that Donald Trump would be different. He talked a good game. But so far as Sixty says  he has been a major disappointment. He kowtowed to the Saudi scum and is talking about "Peace" in the Middle East. There will never be  peace except for the peace of the grave. We need to pull out of that shit hole and let the Jews take care of themselves. They can handle it if they get a free hand. In the meantime he has to fight the courts and put the immigration bans in place. He has to use subterfuge if he has to if he wants to get it past the liberal courts. Because if he doesn't it will not end well.

Things are spinning out of control. These Muslim fanatics are picking up the speed and severity of their attacks. Lets not wait for the next terror catastrophe. Lets get in front of it. Take out the "Known wolves" by any means necessary. Break up the terror mosques by our own terror tactics. Expel all the recent immigrants. Expel all of the immigrant familiarities of any terrorist. An eye  for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.

We need to be people of the Book. The Old Testament. Not the New.


virgil xenophon said...

Amen. Preach it brother, preach it!

edutcher said...

You're wrong about Trump.

I think he sees the war today is a spec ops war and has been since about '07 when the surge pacified Iraq.

You don't hear anything about big unit fights. It's all Special Forces, Delta, SEAL Team, and Rangers, who've become a second, larger Delta (which has been the intent for the last 20 years). Witness the fact that, in the wake of the MOAB strike in A-stan, Rangers went in and took out the head IS guy and his people. This is the war now.

"He threw the head of the KKK into his trunk. Tied him to a chair and put a gun in his mouth. He found out exactly where the bodies were in two minutes. That is what we need to do with these terrorists. Mafia style."

Remember, that was '64 or '65, before the Warren Court declared criminals had rights. Maybe, if we get a few more Conservatives on SCUS, we can return to those thrilling days of Yesteryear, but, until then, they will have to nuke DC and the 9th Circus to be the fear of Allah in the Left.

Trooper York said...

I think we need to put a gun in the mouth of a few of these judges.

You remember Judge Crater right?

Political corruption should serve the same way as financial corruption.