Sunday, May 21, 2017

Trump speech, Arabia

Trump delivered a solid and impressive speech, in my opinion. He tells the leaders of Arab nations that terrorism is mostly their problem, it is mostly Arab citizens that are killed,  and Arab leaders cannot just leave it to United States to fix for them. Citing Iran and Iran's Hezbollah while ignoring for the moment their own contribution to global terrorism.

Amazing to conservative viewers who haven't heard the like for nearly a decade, Trump concludes his speech to these assembled billionaire Middle East leaders, "God bless America."

The room is stunning, the seating is luxurious and the snacks look nice.

At one point near the end the camera aims at the empty chair of king. He left before the speech ended. (Probably had to go to the king-potty).

Rightside news video, full speech.

Times of Israel, transcript of Trump speech.


edutcher said...

He lays it realistically on the line.

Nobody has as much to fear from the crazies as the Sauds and their friends (one big reason why they're quietly working with Israel) and one big reason why, unlike Bathhouse Barry, they show the crazies no quarter.

Trooper York said...

I think it is another in a series of unforced errors. He didn't need to get in bed with the House of Saud. He didn't need to be in the middle of the problems of the Muslims. Of the civil war between the Sunnies and Shitheads. It is not our problem.

He needed to think of America first. We can pull out of the Middle East. We don't need their oil anymore. We don't need to give a shit if these sand monkeys kill each other with poison gas or bows and arrows. Who gives a shit?

Sure every cuck in the Deep State pockets is going to applaud this nonsense. It is a big mistake.

America First.

edutcher said...

No, let the House of Saud kill the crazies, rather than let them come over here.

Or send our guys over there. What he realizes is that the Sauds are fighting for their lives and they know it.

There will be no quarter if the crazies win over there. Again this is why the old adage of the enemy of my enemy is my friend works.

And he's even getting a quid pro quo out of it, so it would tend to show who needs who more and both parties know it.

We never were as isolated as some here want to think. there was a reason Jefferson went after the Barbary pirates. And things have not changed.