Tuesday, May 30, 2017

"Psychologists say everyone is keeping 13 secrets"

Via Drudge: For the purposes of the study, a secret was any information that a person intended to conceal from one or more individuals.

The study was first published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology in May, and was co-authored by Michael Slepian.

It built on his 2012 study which found that people who were distracted by a secret tended to judge tasks to be more arduous than they were in reality.

This warped perception even meant they thought a distance was further and the gradient of a hill steeper than was the case in reality.

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edutcher said...

In that case, it's more than 13.

ndspinelli said...

People often want to tell their secrets. You have to make them comfortable. I had a great female investigator work for me for 10 years. She got hired by the govt. to do that very large study about alcohol/drug abuse. The govt. did a smart thing hiring her. Getting people to reveal their abuse secrets is tough. I was her mentor and taught her some stuff, but she was a natural.