Sunday, May 28, 2017

kid trips hard waking up from anesthesia

Saw this in the side panel on YouTube.

Simultaneously heartbreaking and funny, this video has over 900 comments to it on YouTube. Most commenters find it hilarious, it has so many truly funny lines. Most think the father is fantastic comforting his son throughout. But the dad does take his hits in comments. Several commenters think the opposite of the dad for uploading the video. They believe it is embarrassing for the child and should not have been recorded in the first place and if recorded then the video should be kept private. Still others criticize the dad for stimulating the child instead of just letting him rest and trip it out.

What do you think?


rcommal said...

Assuming that this is real, w.t.f. Your kid's got that much distress in his voice and you're filming him? That's your focus, is it, focusing on videoing him whether for private documentation or public upload.

Chip--again, assuming that this is real--you may tick me off in the column of "Gross, and for shame," on account of yet another example of how low we have sunk.

Oh, by the way, just a question: It's clear as day (even to me, who couldn't stomach watching the vid all the way through, a rare thing because overwhelmingly I force myself to sit through anything on which I'm even tempted to comment) that the mother, or at least a woman of whatever relationship, was also there. I guess she, whoever she is, is also OK with the videoing. Did she get praised and whacked, too? I think that those who would whack the dad ought whack her. too. I would say that those who praised the dad ought praise her, too, except for the fact that I don't think praise ought be meted out in either direction.

Anyhoo, the truth is that I'm speaking out of my ass here, just going on gut, because, truth be told, I didn't watch much of the embedded vid here (^already disclosed), didn't follow the link to the source, with all those potential ramifications, and therefore didn't read the referred to comments thread(because: Oh, HEll the f NO).

You asked what I think, remember. And so I weighed in.

ndspinelli said...

A good father who loves his son. I can understand him videotaping since mom was at home, probably w/ another kid[s]. Whomever posted in YouTube was wrong in doing so.

Sixty Grit said...

I would never do something like that and I am glad there was no video of the last time I was coming out of an anesthesia-induced fog - my witness said I was funny, not cruel, but not necessarily politically correct, either.

Shocking, right?

In other news I bought a camera yesterday - haven't had one in years. The instructions and number of buttons is damn near overwhelming. I wanted to take a picture of a cat. I took a video. I will post it late.

Ha - kidding!

Lem said...

Coincidentally I re-watched the movie Mr Nobody on Netflix last night. Lots of scientific and philosophical questions. Very stimulating, at least to me.

The film was about the choice. Like the choice the father made to film his kid after waking from surgery.

The choice appears to be the only genuine authentic thing. The binary choice to be or not to be.

Earlier, last night before I watched Mr Nobody again, i was at my parents 50th wedding anniversary reception were a video with still pictures was played and when a picture of my sister that passed came up on the screen her teenage son shouted 'that's my mom'.

I was moved.

Tank said...

Child abuse.

ricpic said...

Freedom is ALWAYS under assault because everybody is a busybody. Unless actual abuse is going on - and it's not - that family's business is none of our business.

chickelit said...

Not gonna watch. My son went through something similar. I had to talk him through it. A fulfilled promise of ice cream worked.

Trooper York said...


Sixty is filming pussy.

Now that I have to see.

Sixty Grit said...

Go to my Flickr page - there one can see many pictures of my cats and dogs.