Sunday, May 28, 2017

What's the frequency kenneth?

"Dershowitz: Russia Probe Sounds Like Stalin's Secret Police"
The professor argued that the case is being "done backwards and it raises great concerns about civil liberties.”

“Usually, you can point to a statute and say, ‘We’re investigating crime under this statute,'” Dershowitz said. “What Mueller seems to be doing is saying, ‘We don’t like what happened. Maybe there was some collaboration. But I can’t figure out what statute was being violated.’ You know, when Hillary Clinton was being investigated, at least we knew what the statute was.”

Toobin chimed in, "Here's a statute...want a statute? Aiding and abetting hacking -- it's a crime."

Maybe the point is that because they are members of an administration, all the constitutional niceties should not apply to them... which then leaves the nice treatment of Hillary by the Justice Department and the Comey FBI, when she was investigated, even more perplexing.


BleachBit-and-Hammers said...

Media Democrat Collective Hive: Make up a crime and work backwards to prove it. Guilty!

Guards... seize him.

Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

Meanwhile a staffer of Bill de Blasio arrested for child porn gets bail set at $7500.


edutcher said...

That's because there is no crime.

It's been established Podesta and the Mook cooked up the story.

Leland said...

If aiding and abetting hacking is a crime, arrest Podesta for helping the hackers. Bonus, arrest both Podestas, one for helping the hackers and the other for colluding with Russians.

Lem said...

So far the plan to stir the pot, if you will, to level baseless accusations at seemingly no one in particular and everyone by association, is working.

And now you have a prosecutor in search of a crime.

just when you thought, no they couldn't, wouldn't do that, they done could and would do exactly that.

On what charge are you investigating me?

we'll tell you when we find it.

Dersh is right. if that's not an abuse of power. at the very least.

ricpic said...

Machinations, Endless Machinations

The corrupt are defending their kingdom,
That's all you need to know;
Don't let the smoke and mirrors
Deflect you from the flow.

Lem said...

It kind of goes with this image ...

Maybe i'm stretching it too much.

Lem said...

If the threshold for an investigation is that something might have happened... who would want to work under those kinds of conditions?

BleachBit-and-Hammers said...

Democrats get to be corrupt above-the-law liars - because media.

Chip Ahoy said...

What's the frequency, Kenneth?

* listens, declines downloading song *

About a guy not understanding the new generation. Gives up.

Why does the song slow at the end?

From Wikipedia:

Mike [Mills, bassist] slowed down the pace and we all followed, and then I noticed he looked strange. It turned out he had appendicitis and we had to rush him to the hospital. So we never wound up redoing it.

ndspinelli said...

It has become very apparent to me this, "sky is falling" hysteria by the MSM/Dems and establishment Rep on the down low is because, "The best defense is a good offense." There is a LOTTA illegal surveillance and other shit done by the Obama/Lady Macbeth administration and this blitzkrieg is ongoing to keep Trump and his team on their heels. So far, it has worked.

We all know what Baghdad Ed will say..don't we!!

AllenS said...

In other words -- they got nuthin'.

Trooper York said...

Not that we can believe the media but they are saying that they are going to the mattresses and Bannon is going to be in charge. They are bringing back Corey and Bossie and the rest of the gang from the beginning of the campaign when Trump was much more hard edge. Prebius and Kushner look like they are on the way out. Let's see if that happens.

Methadras said...

Like I told you all, this is a cover and deflection for HRC's illegality and at the time impending electoral loss. It got legs and the rest is history. There is no crime, there is no collusion, there isn't any conspiracy. It's all concocted nonsense that the HRC campaign is masterful at fabricating. They've done it in the past. This is the case now. She and her cadre need to be executed for crimes against the American public in attempting to subvert this republic. Seriously, the fact that she hasn't assumed room temperature yet is an indictment of the two tier system of law that Islamo-Mexicrats have exploited to great effect. No laws for me, but the full weight of it for thee.