Sunday, May 21, 2017

Cut the cord!

Mike Cernovich discusses why Trump is having so much trouble with the media and what he should do (excepted from Vox Popoli the blog of Vox Day)

When WaPo or NY Times drops a “devastating” story on Trump, do you know who reads these stories — liberals!

Thus one can see the problem with Trump’s media team. They are spending all of their time, energy, and focus responding to news that most Trump supporters won’t even see, and if we see it, won’t believe it.

Trump was right (for the wrong reasons) when he jokingly claimed he could shoot someone on Fifth Ave. Most of his supporters would never see the story, and absent a clear video, wouldn’t believe the story if they saw it.

Want to know how out “out of touch” Trump supporters are with what liberal media is saying? I don’t even notice most of the media hit pieces on me, and even with a massive online following, people rarely ask me about anything nasty the media is saying about me. My readers, like me, aren’t reading liberal propaganda outlets.

Trump’s media team is playing defense, running around responding to stories that most of Trump’s base will never read, and if they read, would never believe.     

I think this exactly right and the Newt Gringrich has the perfect solution.

Newt told Trump to end the daily White House briefings. Have it once a week at most. Not televised. Instead answer questions posed on twitter pr facebook can be answered in writing. Control the narrative. Talk about issues not the nonsense that Journalist has laid down as the talking point of the day.

Newt says throw them out of the White House and send them to Starbucks to rub their sores. I think this is brilliant. What they are going to give him worse coverage.What it is going to do is make it harder for the traitors to leak stuff out. Trump can have those idiots watched to see if they hook up with reporters. They can monitor their communications the way Obama did to him during the campaign.

Simply it would be best to cut the press out. Make their job a lot harder. Stop paying for their travel. Stop accomidating them. They are lazy and courrpt. They will just sit back and make shit up anyway. So why cater to them?

Trumps supporters know that news media is the enemy of the President and the American People. Why give aid and comfort to the enemy? Cut the cord. Cut them loose. Let them drown in their own bile.

It's time to go to the mattresses and cut throats.


cliff claven said...

Studies show liberals only read and watch what they think will validate their views. And they have 3 times as many homos as any other demographic.

edutcher said...


Cernovich is something of an hysteric.

Trump is letting the media hang itself, make itself look so ridiculous, only a few old yellow dog Democrats will still believe them.

As I said all last year, when they were teaching tactics at military school, Trump was hanging on every word.

windbag said...

Take them as seriously as they take Trump. Ted Nugent would be a great press secretary, because he'd laugh in their faces, roll his eyes, and tell them to fuck off, which is about the level of respect they deserve.

Trump made a smart move when he skipped the nerd prom. Take it to the next level and simply stop playing the game. Release a statement when something important happens, otherwise spend time doing something productive.

AllenS said...

Trump should never hesitate to use Twitter when necessary.

Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

ed has been right about things...

But Surber and Cernovich have been pretty right about things too. I am surprised ed considers Cernovich a "hysteric"

Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

The media only hang themselves if Mueller does the right thing and declares this whole thing is a bunch of nonsense. While I hope Mueller does not pull a Fitzgerald, do you really see Mueller throwing Comey, the media and the Democrats under the bus?

How many times do you want to be Charlie Brown trying to kick the football?

ricpic said...

Mueller will chew on whatever bone his investigators come up with, endlessly. It's written in his face.

Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

To find a criminal, or to find a crime...

I hope this ends up well, but there is definitely risk here for Trump.

Methadras said...

And most of these bullshit stories get propagated to FB/Twitter, where the rest of the nitwit shitheads consume it and believe it. Fake news is like profitable cancer.