Saturday, November 5, 2016

WKRLEM TV: George Will and Bill Kristol fight over who hates Trump more!

They are a couple of tough guys.


edutcher said...

I can just imagine.

Will doesn't usually allow himself to get exercised. It would be ungentlemanly.

chickelit said...

Here's to Will's final denouncement and subsequent dénouement this Tuesday.

chickelit said...

Kristol at least has the excuse that he finds Trump's foreign policy anathema to his own. Will is just out of touch; he's the Bruce Springsteen of pundits.

chickelit said...

If Trump wins, he will have beaten not just the Dems but half of his own party as well.

edutcher said...

Possible attempt on Trump's life tonight in Reno.

The Donald was back on stage in 10 minutes and finished the speech.

I'd say somebody is worried.