Saturday, November 19, 2016

Milo on Gregg Gutfeld

This video is not current. It aired at the time Twitter removed Milo's authentication check and before they kicked him off for insulting Leslie Jones. I saw this for the first time a few days ago by YouTube suggesting it. And the thing that stuck out to me right away is the sharp contrast between Milo's television projection and all of the other guests.The other guests are Tucker Carlson,  Katherine Timpf, Steven Bauer, they skipped the introduction of the brunette next to Milo.  Milo shines as metal halide next to dimly flickering 40w bulbs throughout the entire clip.

Why? How? I watched it again to see what Milo is doing and the other panelists are not doing, including a professional actor. Milo puts on faces, innocent, coy, coquettish, girlish, he flaps his hand as if waving handkerchiefs, he puts on various voices to accentuate his point, he mispronounces disarmingly, "The guy was born in Canader," "Medier has forgotten how to talk to these people," "Doesn't compaaah to the popular support for Daddy," then mugs his use of the unconventional word.

Milo is compelling, he concludes, "I find it appalling."

Tucker Carlson is intellectual, he concludes. "The latter."

Milo is intellectual within his projected character. Tucker is merely intellectual, and that is his character. Milo is flexible, soft malleable, elastic. Tucker is rigid. Milo moves, he tucks in his head and shrinks within his suit, tilts his head to an angle, tilts his head downward and speaks looking through his own eyebrows. Tucker is stiffly looking directly forward and barely turns his head to address the guest next to him.

The actor, Steven Bauer, looks nothing like his previous self, he looks aged and  withered and nearly dead next to Milo.

And the two women are basically Milo's natural props. Excepting their sexual dressing, for gravitas they suppress their own girlishness, their femininity that Milo exaggerates.

Gregg Gutfeld cracks me up. Commenters at YouTube find him irritating and I find that surprising.

Gutfeld directs the conversation to his guests very well while comically including a backhanded slap. The guest accepts being call on to respond while silently accepting the comedic slap. "Kat, my guess is that you get harassed all the time on Twitter, but I also guess that you probably deserve it."

Gutfeld, "Kat, you’ve been following this stuff a lot. What’s your take on  this; surprised, disappointed, aroused?"

That kills me. 

It reminds me of one of the funniest scenes I've seen on film. This is the top. Robin Williams is teaching Nathan Lane how to behave as a man. I never thought that Williams can be upstaged but Lane gives him a good run. Williams is actually playing straight man (literally) to Lane's comedic virtuosity. And the script they are given is perfect. It's hard to imagine anyone doing this better. The two lines that lodged are Williams saying he didn't realized John Wayne walked like a swish. Then later, the same scene is edited with an interjection of a highway scene, Williams and Lane are still practicing. Lane plays the faggiest fag in all fagdom. 

Williams behaving gruffly teaching Lane to shake hands like a man and strike up banal conversation that is not possible for Lane. " How do you feel about that call today, I mean the Dolphins 4th and 3, play on their 30 yard line with only 34 seconds to go."

Lane responding to sport related cue,"How do you think I feel? Betrayed. Bewildered." 

I die laughing at that. I can't help using that in real life. Answer with feelings inappropriate to the question about how I feel on any given subject. I watched these scenes again and cracked up laughing all over again. They'll never stop being hilarious. Lane is over the top portraying a gay in his rarified specific and completely self-contained world. This clip is the worst technical quality with the complete scenes of Williams trying to teach Lane how to butch it up, a doomed task. It's worth a watch to lighten your day. It has me in tears laughing so hard. 


Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

I find Milo's OTT Gay Schtick annoying. Your video linked to this post is an example of that. I do not want to watch that.

I find Milo's sharp debating skills compelling. I do want to watch that. This CNBC interview is an excellent example.

Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

I recognize the latter video has a touch of Gay Schtick, but it is like adding anchovies to a dish (less is usually more)

ricpic said...

Guttfield was practically in a state of hysteria about Trump's unfitness to be president at all hands on deck time pre-election. How he's positioning himself now I don't know or care. He outed himself as an establishment apologist, not at all the "regular guy" persona he had so carefully cultivated to boost his career.

ricpic said...

Establishment shill is more accurate than establishment apologist for Guttfield.

Trooper York said...

Gutfield was caught out like a lot of these dummies. His stock in trade is to be the outrageous guy who says stuff that stuffy politicians won't say. He sets himself up as the regular guy truth teller. So Donnie stole his rice bowl.

Just like Levin and Glen Beck and the rest of the morons who went never trump and were left looking like fools.

Chip Ahoy said...

Yes, you're right. (you said "latter" ha ha ha ) I like your link a lot. I've seen it before. He does very well. While here again, compare him with everyone else there, his grooming, his suit, his jewelry (ear stud) and his flamboyant movement. He's physically elastic, he's free, while the two women are not. They are constrained.

In another video, the same deal with ABC, Milo say, "I don't say anything that I don't believe." Conversely, he says what the thinks and what he believes. He has no fear of being fired. Basically. He's having a blast riding the Trump train.

While the others cannot. If they were to say what they actually believed they'd be fired from their network. They are not free. They are constrained and it shows. They are physically inelastic. Rigid.

Even here he is moving his body and flapping his hand extravagantly. He uses his hand quite a lot to assist his speech. He's relaxed. All the others sit there firm as if they're all stricken with arthritis, by comparison. I find this interesting.

Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

Chip, yes, I concur on body language.

deborah said...

Love Gutfeld and Kat, and speaking of gays, his old sidekick, Bill(?) was priceless.

As far as Birdcage, I think it's a jewel of a movie, though i understand some gays find it offensive. Love the dinner scene where Hackman has no idea Lane is not female. Also when Wiest says, "Someone has to like me best!"

The OTT schtick I can't bear is that guy on Will and Grace...can't stand that show.

deborah said...

I didn't know Gutfeld was having a fit over Trump...very surprising...

Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

deborah: Will and Grace was great if you wanted to fall asleep about five minutes into it. I never got through an episode.

deborah said...

lol me either, iirc.

AprilApple said...

11:30 - Tucker nails it.

AprilApple said...

Is Gregg still on? I love it. He should have a primetime show so that progressives heads can explode on a more national level.