Saturday, November 5, 2016

Ted Nugent's Top 20 Reasons To Support Trump

  • Obama is against Trump
  • The Media is against Trump
  • The establishment Democrats are against Trump
  • The establishment Republicans are against Trump
  • The Pope is against Trump
  • The UN is against Trump
  • The EU is against Trump
  • China is against Trump
  • Mexico is against Trump
  • Soros is against Trump
  • Black Lives Matter is against Trump
  • MoveOn.Org is against Trump
  • Koch Bro’s are against Trump
  • Hateful, racist, violent Liberals are against Trump
  • Cher says she will leave the country
  • Mylie Cyrus says she will leave the country
  • Whoopi says she will leave the country
  • Rosie says she will leave the country
  • Al Sharpton says he will leave the country
  • Gov. Brown says California will build a wall

Let's add to the Nuge's list:

edutcher adds: "He likes good-looking women."

deborah adds:  "we'll have a charming first lady"


edutcher said...

He likes good-looking women.

deborah said...

we'll have a charming first lady

Sixty Grit said...

That will be true with Hillary, too.

deborah said...

oh the charming huma. i wonder if this is all true. for example in the flowchart, the narrator says in the muslim group she was pres of at harvard(?), she was succeeded by the orchestrator of 9/11. all very eye- opening.

hot link difficult at this time:

deborah said...

Sydney said...

What do you know, those are all the same reasons I'm voting for him.