Thursday, November 17, 2016

Back to Black, ASL, by alittleamber

First. And not exactly unrelated, yet another CEO goes back to black by traducing Trump and all his supporters, that's you, by means of standard Democrat bullshit. This time Bill Penzey Jr. of Penzey Spices responsibility went off the rails by the loss of his criminal candidate's run for presidency of United States.

Get over yourself, Jr. Like the rest of us get over your spices *snap* just like that.

Fuck Penzy Jr. and the spices he smelled in on. Man, I sure use a lot of spices too. Why just a few hours ago I used oregano, tarragon, cayenne, and nutmeg. They say if you don't use your spices within a year then you should throw them out, but my spices never last that long. I use a LOT. But not Penzy's. Dude, you just shot yourself in the foot by simplistically and malevolently mischaracterizing Trump and all his supporters, showing us all what an incredible partisan dope you are. For believing any of that crap. For mixing your personal politics with your family business. For your displaced sanctimony that makes you do stupid things. For not simply accepting the results of an election as grownups do. Apparently there's sufficient Democrat spice business to keep you separated and happy.

He doesn't deserve our time. But alittleamber does. She's quite good. Alittleamber, I like you. Can we be friends? Come on. Be a sport. I'll help you pin your hair.

*There are several ways to say "go." She says it like, "voop."
* "regret" is "sorry"
* she says the words "head" and "high" instead of pantomiming holding her head up.
* she says "back" "B + K" and this is standard. There is another way more graphic, a "B" being pushed back,
* she says "you go back to her" by including a signal for "join."
* "100" is a "C" for Roman Numerals


Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

That was great. Thanks.

ndspinelli said...

Penzy spices have always been overpriced. I've never bought them for that reason, but now I have another. Thanks for the heads-up.

ampersand said...

No Spice for You!

Doesn't this guy or that Pepsi broad know, that as a corporation they don't have a right
to their opinion. That's what their candidate stood for.

Methadras said...

She has nice boobies and I told her so.