Saturday, November 19, 2016

clear ice, the directional method

This was the point made in a science show about a lake that froze with weirdly clear ice so that you could see the rocks on the bottom. To prove they went into a cold garage and filled a large basin with water. A clear ice sheet formed on top but not all the way through.

I like the video. A nice presentation. Every element is thoughtful. Clean kitchen. No extraneous items in the background. Well dressed presenter. Well groomed. Pleasant relaxing voice. Straightforward material. And after all that, the comments are even more entertaining. Not everyone is having it. They made me laugh. Let's have a laugh.

* Instructions not clear enough, dick got frozen in the block.

     * Apply gratuitous amounts of salt. Will fix.

* Doesn't the large portions of ice become a block in the face while shooting that last sip?

* Only me that hates ice sticks? They're so annoying when you're drinking the cocktail.

* you sound like spike spiegel

* Is this served in safe spaces?

* The only problem with this is you need to live in a place where the tap water is actually good, like Madrid, Spain. In many places tap water is just not drinkable and using bottled water for ice like this is expensive.

     * If you live in third world, just filter...

     * Exactly, and if you live in the first world, just keep drinking that chlorine

* The shapes and the clarity of the ice are so pretty and charming.  I don't know how most men would feel about these things, but I think they would be a very special touch to us women.

     * Good men take pride in their work. Which means they take pride in their presentation. I believe the sexes line up pretty well on this one.

* this dude cares way to much about his alcohol😂

* Will it work if I don't play fancy music while making these?

     * Of course not. You also need a nice dress shirt and a manly beard or an elegant updo and cocktail dress for the ladies.

     * Things like this aren't for guys with beards. More like pencil dick weirdos with oversized glasses and skinny ties.

     * Thank you for your contribution.

     * Wow, pencil dick weirdo's huh... sounds like someone is a bit threatened by anyone and everyone just a little bit more interesting than themselves. Bet you're the kind of guy who calls everyone a hipster.

     * Scott Baromski No, just faggots with black and white profile pictures with their DSLR to show off muh deep artsy side, excessive wristbands, a faggy haircut, and dubstep playlists.

     * Hahaha, am I supposed to be offended by a social cripple like yourself? Hide behind your anonymous profile and keep trolling the internet. The real world is too harsh on losers like you, as I'm sure you learned in high school

* why am i even on this part of youtube... i dont even drink cocktails

     * +MarineKingHS maybe it's time for you to fuck off

     * +RexXflash Well that's not very nice...

 * +jakerussell96 neither is an alcoholic encouraging people to drink

     * same here. started with woodworking and now I am here... I'll go back the hockey game..

     * you drink cocks.

     * +SK 텔레콤 승리 Because google found enough instances of "cock" in your search history to start recommending "cocktails"?

     * +RexXflash I agree fully, good sir. people should drink less alcohol, now that we have these formidable alternatives, such as codeine, xanax or angel dust.

     * +Andy Yang
Yeah, the guy should really smoke a fat blunt to chillax a little.

* Just gimme the bottle who needs ice, or a glass...

* I was watching gaming did I end up here

     * I was watching Filthy Frank lol, idk either

     * that's weird... youtube gives me control on what videos i click on

     * Mez282 Gamers can be classy too.

used this with the silicon skull ice cube makers you can get. Like with the sphere I fully submerged them and they came out as crystal clear ice skulls that look great and kind of eerie in a clear drink.

Kinda sounds like Louis Litt from Suits...seems like something he'd do too

Stay Hungry My Friends 

     * You mean thirsty

can you carve a dog out of this?

     * i would use a different knife for that. How is South Korea?

The whole time i thought it was Andre from "The League". And then All that hair Killed it at the end! Too funny!

Shiet nigga Im just tryna get my date drunk so i can get my dick wet

I've just lost the will to live..........

dude you put 2much ice !!!!

what plant r u on

I don't want those ducking hands touching the ice of my drink

Is the narrator Ryan Ryenolds?

would freezing distilled water not create clear ice?

     * No, just In the same way a piece of iron isn't automatically magnetic. The internal atomic structures of both need to be aligned in a singularly unified direction.

     * only if it's also holy.

It disturbs me that there is a book directly behind the sink.

some bastard bartender gave me this clear ice sphere in my drink once...i hate it...aesthetically it looks awesome...but when you get like half way on your drink...the shit sits on your face specifically your nose! ... never in my life did i want to hit an inanimate object like i did this...

     * If you tilt your head upward (instead of tilting your nose downward and into the glass) and slightly tilt the glass when you drink then the ice won't come out and hit you in the nose. Glass at a 45° angle, chin up, eyes on the horizon. That's also the best way to drink a beer that has a head on it.

* I think people who take their alcohol that serious are ignorant. you're consuming poison which isn't a very intelligent thing to do so being uppity about it is just.. no.

     * Says the guy with a baby getting punched in the face as his avatar


stop saying "perfectly" they look good, but are nowhere near perfect.

Why am I here? I don't even know anything about cocktails. WHY Youtube WHY??

How can I look classy drinking boxed wine... from the box. Kidding :)

hey man, where you at?"
"I'm in the lab... making some high quality ice."

     * "That's... cooooool."

* I really, Really, REALLY hate it how this guys man handles the ice pieces and rub his hands all over em before he puts them in the bag.

     * +navidski I really love how we can just assume that he didn't wash them.

* what a waste of time

* Anyone else think this guy sounds just like Spike from Cowboy Bebop?

* I use a different methode. I take a bucket, fill it up with water and fix a vibrator on the outside of the bucket with some ducttape. Turn the vibrator on (it has to be one of those 12 hours runtime things) and let it freeze. Because the water vibrates the air will get out. And air is what makes the ice go white in the middle. 

     * I would love to hear more. Is this a known technique? (And, no, I'm not just looking for an excuse to buy a vibrator that lasts for 12 hours).

     * +Aubrey Hesselgren Well you certainly can say "I just bought it to make crystal clear ice".
But chances are the cashier wont believe you and doesnt care.

So many more simpler ways. This is a great example of working hard, not smart.

     * +Matt smith i hate it when people do that. "oh your ways suck and I kniw a million ways to do it better but I won't tell you"

     * Pay me! And I'll tell you.

     * +J Thomas Rains Jr please email me on to arrange payment for this information

im watching a guy make ice on a saturday night, im such a loser

     * +aznsushi41 Hey man I spent dozens of Saturday nights watching an old dude with cancer & some young punk cook ice so you're not that much of a loser ;)

I thought the guy speaking was bobby flay... Lol

Hate to be this guy... But you definitely used a rye not a bourbon for that maple old fashioned.

super cool but i cant imagine its worth it unless you own a martini bar in an area where one can charge 10 per beer and 15 per mixed drink.

OMG just use clouded ice !!!!!

This might be the stupidest thing I've ever seen. Anyone in the history of the world without an automatic ice maker figured this out when they got annoyed waiting for their ice cube tray to freeze completely and take it out too quickly. 

instructions not clear...finger in center of iceblock. not mine
     * Did you try cutting it with the serrated knife/hammer combo?

     * Was is clear ice though?

     * thats because you didn't insert the dick upside down.

     * Black ice.

     * Who cares if the instructions are clear. Is the ice clear? That's the important thing.   


The guy spent hours making clear ice and the first thing he puts it in is a cloudy drink,  ????

All that for one clear ice ball, imagine serving these to hundreds of people sheesh

I was wondering why YouTube recommended this to me if I've never had a cocktail before, but I still ended up watching the whole thing. Damn you YouTube.

     * Me too. It's annoying.

     * Same here.

Clever way to sell less drink for more. Ice is evil.

Now put those cubes of ice in your pants and play mister cool...

Wow, a lot of wasted water just for a whim...

     * how much oxygen do you waste? Lets get to the roots!! ROFL

     * you proved your  state of mind in the previous comment, no need to repeat that...  You did anyway...

     * You really haven't much to do to even take the time to reply with a dynamic link. Honestly I was waiting for a less generic diagnostic. The ''frustrated and angry at everyone and everything'' was kind of easy. But what does this argumentation makes you? You are making no point, not trying to prove something or teach something or make people aware of something, you're just messing with somebody you don't even know, for fun, and who didn't wrote to you in the first place. What does that make you? I first said that the process in the video was waisting a lot of water, a precious and rare resource. That makes me a frustrated person? No! but you just fooling around and saying stuff like ''you're just frustrated'' and ''you're wasting oxygen'' and nothing else constructive, that probably makes you a little, pointless, clowny, insignificant YouTube fuck around.

Make more! :o starting off as a barman and i love watching these tricks and tips, i think it will help me in my professional life

now that's alcoholism at it's finest.

Wow... you have ENTIRELY too much time on your hands.....

     * To pour water and put it in a freezer?

  * If you have enough time to worry about cutting perfect cubes of absolutely clear ice, for a cocktail, yes

     * Let's be honest that shit isn't going to come out perfect you can see it didn't. he's not shaving it just rough chop. I've had homes without icemakers and if you want ice you gotta do the same shit.

     * I'll say it again: you have entirely too much time on your hands..... stick it in the fucking freezer and get on to more important things...

     * you must be a really important person to not have time for cold beverages.
if you absolutely don't have time to fill up a cooler and put it in the freezer, then you definitely don't have enough time to be watching a youtube video on how to do it. without a doubt not enough time to argue with someone over the proper time saving method of freezing water.
but that's none of my business..

     * Listen asshole, it's simple: You open the freezer door, remove the ice cube tray, close the freezer door, walk to the sink with ice cube tray in hand, turn on cold water, fill ice cube tray with cold water, turn cold water off, carefully turn around and walk back to freezer with ice cube tray filled with water in hand, open freezer door, carefully place ice cube tray with water back into freezer, close the freezer door, go do laundry, vacuum, tune up the bike or mower, reload ammunition, clean your guns, jerk off, watch a movie, jerk off some more, return to freezer, open freezer door <GASP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!> YOU HAVE ICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


     * Why am I the asshole? you can do the exact same process with a cooler and not have to waste a bunch of time while waiting on your water to freeze. I don't wanna sit around killing time while my water freezes, it's worse than watching paint dry. I rather just leave it overnight if you don't mind. you're over complicating things.

     * How is it over complicating the process by sticking an ice cube tray filled with water into a the freezer? And sticking it in a cooler isn't?!

     * I honestly don't know ,that's what I'm asking you. sounds like the same process to me except with your way I gotta find activities to do until it's done freezing.

     * Dude, you stick the cube tray in the freezer and forget about it..... There's nothing to wait around for.

     *  seems to me the same could be done with a cooler but to each their own.

This is not useful at all, yet very satisfying.

Finish the drink and get a black eye by ice-ball to the face... Nice job Youtube!

just use boiled water in your mold


* Finally a way to add some class to my 40 oz.

     * +123corey Gold.

I don't even drink I'm just watching this cause I don't wanna do my essay :(

I got a strange boner looking at that old fashioned.

this was interesting and educational, we might not save the world with this info, but our cocktails are going to be a tad more stylish while we watch the world burn ;D

Deadpool is that you?

i wish all i had to be concerned about was how clear my ice cubes were....must be nice


     * +Ville Nilson Bake me a cake ! 

     * What?

Fun fact: ice is actually a mineral, and calling it a "rock," even in the context of cocktail ice, is geologically incorrect.

     * "In geology, rock or stone is a naturally occurring solid aggregate of one or more minerals or mineraloids."


     * A solid, inorganic substance with a regularly repeating crystalline structure is characteristic of minerals. Geology for the win! :o

* This is fancy as fuck!

* I watched this whole video... I'm 14 :\

     * Now you can make cool looking lemonade with clear ice and a citrus peel garnish ¯\(ツ)/¯

     *  I watched it and I have just been conceived by my parents

     * This is bout the age I started drinking...

* amazing stuff. how did you make a bourbon old fashioned with rittenhouse rye? LOL


* ice is transparent already. pointless video is pointless. if you can't seem to use your brain to make "clear ice" you don't have common sense.

* looks like an alcoholic trying to act sophisticated

* Everything in this video was great for making a high class cocktail and making the presentation perfect, but then I had to give it a thumbs down because at 4:55 he was drinking it WITHOUT putting his pinky out! No respectable 1%'er drinks anything without their pinky out! lol! jk I didn't give it a thumbs down but that was a pretty significant mistake at the end.

* I can never find fresh ice.  All the bars near me just use that frozen stuff.

     * That's why I began growing my own. I keep an ice garden in my freezer, you just need to make sure to water it.

     *  I'm terrible at gardening.  Maybe if I put my mind to it and ignored the frostbite I could eventually get some gangrene fingers

     * Or you'd at least have a gangrene thumb

 * Way too much work to get drunk.

I find the way you fondle the ice disturbing.

I thought this was going to be a song called "Clear Ice" by someone named Cocktail Chemistry.

[Apparently the comments never end. There's more of this same cynicism and delight.]

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