Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Hamilton grumble

But not much a grumble. They're not worth the effort of grumbling and I have something much more interesting to do, tearing down brittle vines and collecting their seeds. Imagine that, ripping down a dried garden with an eye to next season is more interesting than even thinking about arrogant presumptuous actors who all happen to be colossal dopes.

I was directed to Yahoo news for something else and picked up another article in their sidebar about one of the actors responding to critics of his "message to Pence."

What's really obnoxious is these actors didn't even vote! The whole cast. They speak, they create controversy, but they don't even bother to do their civic duty. Apparently they thought they had this one bagged and not minding at all the vast corruption involved in getting having that sorry result. All that is just fine with them.

Don't go there to Yahoo, it can only annoy.

Right away a clip of the "The View" runs automatically apparently featuring Victor Dixon, one of the actors. The guy who did all the talking, I'm assuming. I don't know, I turned it off as soon as I heard the familiar voices.

This is Yahoo on politics, -1 point, and this the The View, -1 point. We're down 2 points starting off.

Skipping the article, skipping the video, I open comments. The very first comment reads: "I did not vote for Obama. I don't agree with his policies. But if I saw him or VP Biden at an event I would NEVER boo them. Their positions as our leaders deserve respect ..." on at length along these lines.

At this point I'm thinking, "Well look at you."

Then I notice that this "people should learn to behave well, as I do" type post receives 69 replies. And that's where my grumble begins. Honestly, it's discouraging that my compatriots are this f'k'n stupid. Plainspoken, they're all dopes. Pure dopey dopes dopily doping around.

* Guess you didn't realize that the "Not my president" line is being taken directly from what the conservatives said about Obama.

I'm glad you see it the way you do, but most cons didn't. If you wanted us to accept a president we hate, you should've set a better example.

[Well, you guess wrong, you f'k'n dope. See: Paula Poundstone, Bush is not my president. I'm not going to listen to anything he says. (Audience laughs)]


[Obama was actually lying. In a State of the Union address to a captive audience!]

* Hillary is more popular than Little boy Trump 1.5000000 vote than ugly Trump

[You jump on this bogus figure too early, Little Girl. California still has more votes to count than were cast in 34 states, absentee ballots, mostly military, famously conservative, you childish spoon-fed miserable little dope.]

* How quickly the right forgets how badly they treated Obama. John S seems to have forgotten a US senator booing Obama at the state of the union.

[No senator booed, Joe Wilson shouted "You lie," you f'k'n dope. ]

* Obama did a good job as president and saved our economy.

[And here we are right back to step one on the ever so wearisome slips and slides, the chutes and ladders childhood game for four-year olds and other resolute hopeless dopes that never grew up.Where racking up debt in the trillions and destroying the nation's healthcare system, beholding future generations to government, piddling away billions on shovel-ready jobs that he later jokes about counts as "saving" the economy that stumbles along despite his retarding regulatory frenzy.  Frankly this commenter with the mind of a squirrel is too stupid to even engage]

So I dropped the effort, a real effort to continue. You can literally feel the IQ points drain as you persist is swimming the river of Stupid where all the swimmers are hardcore triathlon dopes.

But I was wrong with this assessment.

I was too hasty. I flared with anger without seeing all these truly dopey idiotic remarks are contested. There are so many more sensible responses as dopey responses.I hadn't noticed at first. I needn't say anything. I needn't respond. Going back to write this I see them now. And as I scan all the smackdowns my grumble is transformed to mirth.

And the whole seed collecting task outside seems even brighter. I'm nearly done. Then the fun ends. And new fun begins. These seeds for next year are all over the place. Some seed pods dried before others, they're at every stage of development, some are still forming. A very large number already split open and spilled their seeds. I can see them all over the terrace floor, caught by the non-slip texture, black dots that are easily collected, while others blew off the surface to land in some crack at street level. Some surely have landed in pots down there. Morning glories are classified invasive species, this is how they take over from nothing, and now I have a whole tray of seeds, thousands,  that I can toss around randomly in other people's gardens and in untended places, there to take hold and spread their lovely blue flower joy all over the place uninvited, whether or not they are wanted or appreciated.

What we have here is a metaphor.


Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

I find the whole thing fun.

If this is the next four years, with the media and left flipping out over everything, Trump is going to get another four years.

Eric the Fruit Bat said...

My wife likes a geranium variety called "Breakaway Red." It got discontinued, so I harvested seeds from the ones we had. Those seeds grew true to type.

That Autumn, Breakaway Red was still discontinued but I could not harvest any seed. There wasn't any. None. Zero. Ziltch. Nada. Nothing.

Years passed.

Then, last Autumn, HPS offered Breakaway Red for 2016. My wife got all excited. The seed grew into nice plants, for sure. But not Breakaway Red.

It's a mystery.

ricpic said...

When Vicious Attacks Liberty...

...You don't have to raise the alarm
There are many others see it,
Before She comes to grievous harm
Patriot armor they will be it.

Chip Ahoy said...

Chile plants too. There are so many seeds in a pod, before you know it you have thousands.

Bu the thing is, seeds from green chiles don't work because the fruit is unripened. If you see one or two at the grocery store with tinges of red in them then tat means the chiles have begun to ripen. Even jalapeños. Those seeds inside them are most likely mature.

I learned this by jalapeño seed fail. I figured this out myself and I'm not even a botanist.

So you can take those seeds and toss them into other people's gardens. For fun.

deborah said...

I planted three different varieties, one each, of chartreuse hostas. In a small triangle. Next spring I plan to interplant them with dark red geraniums. Bam.

MamaM said...

Chartreuse hostas willing to confine themselves to a small triangle while leaving room for interplanted dark red geraniums to flourish haven't been my experience, but the vision of such color is lovely to consider even if the mannerisms don't match.