Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Adult Wednesday Adams

The links come via comments to an article on the 25th anniversary of the first Adams Family film about how true the film and its sequel are to the original comic strip by being essentially a series of comic vignettes with an inconsequential movie plot to string them together and contain them. The article highlights my favorite parts. Apart from the anniversary the sequel has a great Thanksgiving reenactment scene (oddly performed at a summer camp). Here is what they said in comments.

* There is a web series, “Adult Wednesday Addams” that captures her perfectly.

* Did you ever see Melissa Hunter’s “Adult Wednesday Addams”? It is just what it sounds like, she’s all growed up and dealing with dating and jobs and things like that.

It was pulled from YouTube due to some copyright nonsense with the Adamms estate, she posted a video to the folks who were trying to keep it going where she claimed that it was a loving satire however the copyright police won that battle. Pity as it was a very funny show, which thanks to YouTube downloader some of us still have to enjoy.

* There’s an odd episode still up on YouTube, I suspect that the fans are playing whackamole with the copyright goons. Watch it while it lasts.

Well, who can resist? Quick, before they are taken down again. At the finish another video starts automatically, then another and another.


deborah said...

Pretty good.

Trooper York said...

I prefer Marilyn Munster's Diary....but hey that's just me.