Thursday, November 24, 2016

"Now that is a direct threat to our democracy."

As they say all the time all over the place rather annoyingly, were it not for double standards Democrats would have no standards at all. Better to have two of a thing than just one, eh? One in each color depending on your mood.

Sorry to inflict her voice upon your tender and sorely abused abused ears. It's here only as proof. You needn't actually listen.  Perhaps you can turn down your sound and lipread her saying what she knows.

So she knows that we know that she knows the importance of accepting the results of an election. She told us! Lectured us, actually. Were we listening. But we weren't. We have these things pointed out to us in drib and drabs because listening is intolerable, but there you have it. 

That's how the right wing sites phrase the new development 

And so on.

That's how the left wing sites phrase the development. 

And so on.

Somehow I don't feel a direct threat to our democracy. Go ahead and challenge. Be our guest and challenge away to your heart's desire. Settle your troubled minds. By then Trump will have his full cabinet selected. He has czars for this and for that to name, for anything he likes, such is the obnoxious task delegating precedent given him by his predecessors. He can name a new czar for confirming election results and another czar for investigating election fraud, and other to to clean state voter registries. This particular challenge isn't going anywhere and neither is the Electoral College. While certainly you can still dream by way of your multiple standard.


Chip Ahoy said...

Oh man, I was just taken back, literally mentally transported back decades to a tiny house tucked into the trees, off of Sixth Avenue just west of Colorado Boulevard, east near Holly. This was the first time I was there and I didn't know anyone. The people were all older than myself by decades and engaged in a stand up cocktail party, the likes of which I've seen on t.v., but never participated, it was a first for m, very stilted, somewhat uncomfortable and not very fun. The group became looser and looser as the night wore on and alcohol lubricated their behavior much like Dorthy applies oil to the tin man, they all become more humanlike. They became rowdy and loud.

In the kitchen I noticed the dad of the household cutting a few limes on the countertop that is not granite and not using a board. He being somewhat looped, I busted him. He says, "I know. I don't allow anyone else to do this."

I said, "You have a rules for yourself and rules for everyone else."

He stopped cutting and looked at me directly, considering his argument, then grinned acknowledgment. "Yeah. But I know how to cut them just so to avoid damaging the countertop."

"I see."

It's magnificent to live with superior knowledge and skills, and us them to impose rules for everyone else that they must live by.

F'k'n control freak.

Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

Thing is after a few cocktails, your hand eye coordination goes to shit.

Chip Ahoy said...

I just noticed the dudes behind her. One is wearing a t-shirt reading, "wear orange" and another is wearing a t saying, "moms demand action."

Meaning action on gun control, I assume. Sensible gun control, no doubt.

Leland said...

Too late to challenge Michigan, she lost.

BTW, this is what pissed me off about that asshat Chris Wallace and his lecturing Trump about peaceful transition. The media isn't even talking about Hillary's promise during the debate.

Leland said...

Remember this: 95 Retired Generals, Admirals Endorse Clinton

Now it is this: Trump's parade of retired generals raises questions

You only need to be 3 months old to remember both.

edutcher said...

By all means, have an audit of all 50 (orb 60, if you prefer) states, every precinct, every vote.

Let's see how many illegals voted, how many corpses, how many people voted multiple times, how many of Dr Evil's machines flipped how many votes, how many voters were bussed in from out of state.

Go ahead, make my day.

Eric the Fruit Bat said...

This blog post has something to do with Hillary Clinton and so I'll pay no more attention than I have already.

"That's what we do with people we hate, we make them a part of our lives."

Why should I want her to be a part of my life?

There are a great many beautiful things in the world to which I can devote my attention.

Starting now.

deborah said...

From one of the links:

"The Clinton camp is running out of time to challenge the election. NYMag notes that according to one of the activists, the deadline in Wisconsin to file for a recount is Friday; in Pennsylvania, it’s Monday; and Michigan is next Wednesday.

Of course, should this happen, we can only imagine what carnage it would cause to global financial markets as the Trump Bump hope fades into the Clinton crash.

Finally, it appears that far from a frivolous flight of fancy, Huma Abedin’s sister, Heba Abedin, has been encouraging her Facebook followers to call the Justice Department to have vote in key states audited."

Hey, this was her last chance. I think she'll go for it. For the sake of the country I hope there's not enough evidence, and the legal system can stop her.

edutcher said...

Doubt it. If they were going to do it, it wouldn't have waited for a few activists.

It would kick over a hornet's nest and a lot more investigations when we see how badly she blew the real popular vote.

"Finally, it appears that far from a frivolous flight of fancy, Huma Abedin’s sister, Heba Abedin, has been encouraging her Facebook followers to call the Justice Department to have vote in key states audited."

As I say, go ahead, make my day.

Sixty Grit said...

Hummer has a sister named Herpes? Sounds about right.