Thursday, November 17, 2016

Hillary Clinton speaks at Children's Defense event

The YouTube title includes "Tired Looking Hillary" and "with Fun graphics."

I got so far as three minutes. To that point her voice is steady. She's reading names of children who experienced challenges early but "who never stopped reaching, never stopped dreaming," with a brief description of their challenges or their stated life goal, "wants to be a doctor so that she can help others." It's all very precious and anodyne and sounds made up. Actually it sounds like the Romper Room segment when birthdays of young viewers are made up, I meant to say relayed.

"Johnny has a birthday today, and Dianne has a birthday today, and Beverly turns four today ..."

That's where I stopped listening and watching. Comments are always more interesting.

Cruelly, commenters mock. Cruelly they focus on her appearance. Just more misogyny all over the place. They say she looks tired, they say she looks like she's been crying, they say she looks like she's been drinking, they say she looks like she won't live to see Donald Trump inaugurated, they say she looks like hell.

The Gateway Pundit does. They do not display the video. Rather, they display screenshots of the worst frames from the video. Of several to choose from, they show the worst recording made with the poorest white balance so that it looks off.

Here is the video. But you'll have to endure her voice again to watch it. Her voice is relaxed and measured and genuine. She is not in oration mode.

It's all so very bogus. Yes, she gives a speech to a child protection group. Yes she says the right words, and were those precise words delivered by anyone else with a functioning heart, they would be heartfelt words. She has her vocabulary down.

But don't bother talking to her about the Haitian children who were given the Clintons to manage their international support. Or you'll get an answer like the one she gave in her final debate and tell you she's proud of the work done through her global initiative. That she's proud to claim that 95% percent of receipts are used for their stated purpose. That's precisely reversed. 5% goes to its mission statement and the rest goes to "travel" and "other." It varies, actually, from a high of 10% to a low of 4%, the numbers I've seen changed as they were challenged. At any rate she will lie to you.

She works for the children alright, to assure they're born into and beholden to government debt. Never being able to pay it off in their lifetimes. Assure they understand they belong to government and not the other way around. She considers children property of the state. Cogs in the wheel that keeps government going and growing. Frankly, she views children as slaves. Minds to be molded to acceptance of government their substitute religion.

She says all this even as she supports abortion as convenient choice with government supporting the activity on an industrial scale, even selling fetal portions for profit. Her support is duplicitous, hypocritical, convoluted and conditional. Hillary supports Hillary first and foremost, and children are just another avenue to Hillary's ambition.

But you readers know all of this already. All this is tautology to you. So let's have some fun instead.

Matt Walsh writing at the Blaze put up an amusing post. His cynicism toward Hillary's concern for children is sharp and cutting and funny. He describes his own conversation with his daughter to explain to her what Hillary's defeat means. Surely his daughter is confused as all the liberal women's daughters are confused and rattled that Hillary was rejected by voters. That should be straightforward enough.

"Donald Trump is president because Hillary Clinton is terrible.”

      “What’s a pwessident?”

“No, president. Trump is president now.”

“Oh. What’s a Twump?”

Now, that's just funny. She's too young to care about politics. Hillary saying so, the women that Matt Walsh writes about saying so is plainly bogus. Children don't care, and putting the scare into them is the parents own obsession.  It's malpractice in parenting. They're using their children for their own politics. Again! Real parents don't do that. A child is not going to be concerned that the satisfaction for women of having a female president of the United States is deferred until a qualified woman is available and runs the gauntlet.

And Hillary Clinton is not it.

Matt Walsh links to this item on Vox, really Matt, only dopes bother with Vox, "When Trump won the presidency, I panicked: how was I going to tell my 6-year-old daughter?"

Panicky nervous edgy person, what are you doing raising children? Haven't they any children activities to engage beyond your political panics? Poor kid. Her mother's a dope. Keep it up and she'll be one of the kids handled by Children's Defense with its funds being siphoned off by Chelsea Clinton. That is how that family operates, after all.

Matts article is worth the read for his own humor and his links. He shows a series of women going out of their minds that Hillary Clinton was rejected by voters. Their reactions are just horrendous, and I'd say damaging to tender psychologies. If they are true which they most likely are not. They'd be too embarrassed to admit that their children are incapable of pondering adult concerns. Keep it up and the kids will be claiming dissociative identity disorder like Sibyl did, in response to their terrible neurotic abusive mothers.

One woman writes that she told her daughter that the world changed in a way that she cannot protect her from.

Right. She really told her daughter that. Please. You don't say that to your child. They wouldn't care anyway. Precious things, they have other concerns, relevant to children.

No, She's telling us that's how she feels. Liar.

A U.K. mother waxes poetically that Hillary Clinton's candidacy was a “swallow-flight moment of hope” that has not been extinguished by the villainous Donald Trump.

Oh! That's nice! *Clenches shirt* Did she mention the United States elections are none of her fucking business, now go play with her dolls? Did she mention that Hillary is corrupted as a rotten potato gone soft in the dark under the cupboard and stinking up the whole kitchen? Did she mention Hillary's felonies bring her to hair breath away from federal prison? And the single thing that keeps her out is her own corruption of government departments? Did she  mention the pay-for-pay graft and the private server to protect it from Freedom of Information requests and also reveled secrets of state to foreign governments?  No? Tits and a vag are the only concerns. The only thing mentioned is the woman was shot down. Like a frail bird. By meanies.

Another writer for a woman's magazine tells her daughter that the future is still female.

Another tells her daughter not to become disheartened because the country is filled with monsters and haters.

That would be herself. A monstrously hateful mother. A woman who cannot accept the results of anything so ordinary as another American election without becoming completely bent out of shape. If she really did tell that to her daughter, then she's a malevolent dope.

Another mother draws inspirational napkins having to do with suffrage and women's lib.

Matt continues. And it's hilariously mocking. He writes that's he's inspired by these poignant displays and feels compelled to write his own letter to his daughter. While you know for certain he did no such thing. The description of circumstance of writing instead of simply speaking to her is the giveaway that it's a lie, like all these others are lies. He's writing for us not for her. The guy is a genuine comedian. He's wonderful. I cannot quote him anymore. He's too good to lift more from.


edutcher said...

We'll need our own Maggie Thatcher if we want a POTUS with the appropriate plumbing.

Outside of Sarah Palin, I can't see one on the horizon.

As for Ms H, she's done, the rapist is done, the brood mare is done, all the hangers on are done.

Let them drift into the well-deserved obscurity the voters have finally wished upon them.

It may not be justice, but it is retribution.

Third Coast said...

Matt Walsh was a virulent anti-Trumper and probably doesn't realize how much he has in common with the people he's mocking. He was looking for his own safe space not that long ago.

AprilApple said...

I hope shes dies soon. her corrupt family foundation hasn't helped Haiti - they helped wreck Haiti.

Drop dead, bitch.

AprilApple said...

It makes me sick to my stomach that Chelsea is breeding. Lord help us.

Third Coast said...

Just watched portions of the speech (with sound turned off) and she does look haggard and enervated. The bags under her eyes are hard to miss.

ndspinelli said...

She looks like she just went 12 rounds w/ Podesta and Mook..drained from the ass kicking she gave them.

AprilApple said...

She no longer needs to be botoxed-up for the big lectern.

ot: Jim Webb - the last sane democrat

ndspinelli said...

Great post, Chip.

edutcher said...

Haiti was a wreck long before the Ozark Mafia hit - one of the best-ever arguments for imperialism.

As Chip noted, Hoft took the worst screenshots possible for his post. I don't doubt she's bushed after the campaign; her health is such somebody, like maybe her "husband", should have tried to talk her out of it. If she takes it easy, she could live long enough to face the bar and whatever the DOJ metes out.

And Webb is a hillbilly jerk and a turncoat nobody on either side can stand. Even Reagan wished he hadn't appointed him.

BTW, still waiting for Trump to throw the election to her.

ndspinelli said...

April, I grew up in an ethnic, blue collar, family and town. My family were Dems but they didn't hate Republicans. My old man had great respect for guys like Everett Dirksen. He was very knowledgeable and would lament the Dem party changed during Vietnam. He saw how the Dem party allowed the men they sent to war return and be spit on. My old man completely understood how Reagan tapped into the way our blue collar people were feeling.

ndspinelli said...

edutcher, I coached baseball for 30 years. I taught my players how to win, and it included NEVER rubbing it in. Just sayn'.

AprilApple said...

Ed- go fuck yourself. Loser. Trump may have won, but you are still a loser.

AprilApple said...

Ed- nobody cares about a thing you have to say you cheap fucking waste of space. gO pedal your bullshit on sherbert.

AprilApple said...

Actually ND - watch that clip of Webb. It's not about Webb, it's about how the democrat party has completely abandoned not just the white working class, but the working class.

ndspinelli said...

April, Good clip. I'm not a fan of Webb but he nailed it regarding blue collar white people.

deborah said...

This part of Walsh's letter to his three-old daughter is excellent:

"There’s a very good lesson in this, daughter. Don’t spend your whole life, as Hillary Clinton has done, pursuing power and influence for its own sake. Don’t lie. Don’t cheat. Don’t steal. Don’t mishandle classified information and then destroy the evidence. Don’t foment civil war in Libya and Syria. Don’t wage a campaign of slander and blackmail against your husband’s sexual assault victims. Don’t collude with the media to rig your party’s primaries. Don’t dress like a North Korean dictator who just took over the Enterprise. Most of all, don’t treat other human beings like ladder rungs to be stepped upon in your lifelong quest for absolute power."

ndspinelli said...

Webb did point out what most people forget. A billionaire FDR is the man who brought the blue collar people into the Dem party, so why is it hard to understand Trump doing the same thing?

ricpic said...

All of Walsh's advice to his daughter will be futile if she happens to be a demon. But to accept that you'd have to believe in the existence of evil; not be oblivious of it: the hallmark of our educated.

edutcher said...

ndspinelli said...

Webb did point out what most people forget. A billionaire FDR is the man who brought the blue collar people into the Dem party, so why is it hard to understand Trump doing the same thing?

I think the Demos had been the poor man's party for some time. Roosevelt marketed it in a way to create as great a schism as possible, but I think, as the inner city machines grew from about the 1880s on, the Demos had a pretty good hold on the working stiff.

edutcher, I coached baseball for 30 years. I taught my players how to win, and it included NEVER rubbing it in. Just sayn'.

When you present evidence that something isn't so, but people refuse to understand and admit they're wrong, you do have the right to ask for an accounting.

Actually, I thought I'd been pretty reserved about the whole thing.

Anybody wants it rubbed in, I would be more than happy to oblige.

And, obviously, somebody does care what I say or they wouldn't have gotten so exercised, but simply laughed it off.

Synova said...

My sci-fi and facebook friends have been asking how long they should enjoy their schadenboners before consulting a medical professional. And half of them are never-Trumpers or third party voters and most of the rest are omg, I really did it in the end Trump voters.

It doesn't take supporting Trump or even being happy about his election to really wallow in the enjoyment of the outpouring of angst and stupidity.

I mean, really... some woman from the U effing K doesn't know what to tell her *daughter*? How about, "Well, sweetie, Hillary is no Maggie after all. The colonials will get it right eventually."

AJ Lynch said...

I have always liked Webb. Hillary might have won with him as her VP.

ndspinelli said...

ed, You have been pretty reserved, that's why I was diplomatic in what I said. Lord knows I can be much rougher! Kudos for your restraint. I encourage you to let it go vis a vis April. Letting people save face is a sign of strength.