Wednesday, November 23, 2016

I thought she was black...

"Black U.K. beauty magazine accidentally put a white model on its cover. Apologies followed."

Emily Bador is a white woman. She is not, therefore, a black woman. Normally, that wouldn’t be news worth reporting, mostly because it isn’t news.
But her race came into play recently because of the new cover of Blackhair magazine, a British glossy that bills itself as “an international bi-monthly magazine for the style conscious black woman. Packed with 100’s of hair inspirations, fashion, lifestyle and celebrity interviews, we are one of the leading publications for women of colour in Europe.”
The magazine, which generally if not always features black or mixed-race models, used her photograph for the cover of its December/January issue. The editors have admitted they didn’t know she was white.
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Darcy said...


I read the model's apology. I am confused. Was she apologizing for both the mistake and also for her having the audacity to culturally appropriate black hair by having her hair styled this way for the photo?

If so...really? Good God.

edutcher said...

Rachel Dolezal rides again.

Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

So she was a white girl with black hair.

Isn't that enough to drive PC SJWs absolutely bat shit crazy?

Lem said...

TIL hair is not colorblind.

Rabel said...

She looks kind of kinky with that nose ring.