Friday, November 25, 2016

Nobody to the right of me Cuckservatives to the left of me stuck in the middle with you,

So over the weekend I have heard a bunch of media pussies discuss the Alt-right and position them as the new manifestation of the SA. The cucks and the neocons and the GOPe and the mainstream media are swarming and attacking like the little fish that they use to give a pedicure in Bangkok.

The proximate cause was a conference held by Richard Spencer who is an ideologue, theorist and head of the NPI Institute. A couple of morons decided to be assholes and started to doing the Nazi salute to set off the rubes and hilarity ensued. They tried to out-Milo Milo but they didn't have his charm or the protection of being gay. So the media shit it's pants.

The Alt-right is the next step on the continuum that began with the Tea Party. Like the Tea Party it does not have a membership list or a set of rules. It is a loose accumulation of like minded individuals who have similar goals. The one overriding goal is that they are sick and tired. Sick of tired of being lecutured. Called Racist. Called Anti-Semites. Called Deplorable. And all the rest.

That is not to say that some elements are not as racist as the Black Lives Matters people in the Democratic Party or as Anti-Semitic as the Boycott Israel types like Blumenthal in Hillary's campaign. There are always people who take it too far.

The cuckmeister General Ben Shapiro of White Knight fame for that whore Michelle Fields had spouted this: "Basically, the alt-right is a group of thinkers who believe that Western civilization is inseparable from European ethnicity—which is racist, obviously. It’s people who believe that if Western civilization were to take in too many people of different colors and different ethnicities and different religions, then that would necessarily involve the interior collapse of Western civilization."

He claims this is racist. That Western Civilization comes from the people of the West. Because Democracy, freedom and human rights were so highly developed in Africa, Asia and South America. Right.  All of those Muslim immigrants in Europe is really proving his point.  Good luck with that one pal.

There are several strains of the Alt-right. You have your provocateurs like Milo who are in it for publicity and the counterintuitive cultural cred of going against the micro aggression culture of the Social Justice Warriors. You have you media figures like Vox Day and Mike Cernovich who are opinion leaders. You have pure theorists like Spencer who lay out theory without realizing the political and sociology effect of their writing.

The Alt-Right also has splinter groups within the movement. The Alt-Light are people like Milo who share the revulsion toward political correctness and Social Justice Warriors. You have the Alt-White who insist on a White Identity just as there is a Black, Gay, Feminist and Latino Identity. You know people standing up for their own people. Now that has not been the norm. Whites have never identified as whites. Of course part of this was the ethnic component. You identified as Irish or Italian or Polish or German or Norski. That was your identity. Of course as people get farther and farther away from the original immigrants that identification fades. It is strong in me because I am second generation on both sides. But many other Americans had their ethnic identity fade into a generic whiteness. You know like the WASPs. Except that the working class whites still have some juice unlike the ineffectual cucked out WASPs. So when they start getting to be victims of the knock out game or are attacked on the street because they are "white Trump voters" by animals waving BLM or Mexican flags they are not going to stand for it anymore. Calling them racists don't  mean dick. No matter how many times the mainstream media does it.

This is not to say that White Identity has taken hold yet. The White Working Class has voted as a group in this election. They are primarily identifying as Working Class right now not White. But that can change. Every article attacking white people for being white ...for having white privilege....telling them they don't get to talk.....lecturing them from the stage of Broadway plays....telling them they should not run the Democratic party because they are white.....refusing to stand for the National Anthem because it is a White thing.....pushes it more into the realm of White Identity politics.

As it has been said many times it is about tribes. It is about uniforms. As Jerry Seinfield says it is about the laundry. The uniform you wear is the color of your skin. Whites in America have generally rejected this premise.  So far. Most have stood behind affirmative action and reverse discrimination. They have stood silent while they are attacked every day in the media and in Hollywood. They have swallowed the demands that they check their white privilege while their kids don't get into a school or they don't get a job that they are giving to some immigrant on a visa because they work cheap.   They have fought the natural impulses of nature. They are the white polar bear petting the head of the little mutt of a huskie. Of course the bear has to be fed. It has to have a job. It has to be respected. Because it is a fucking bear.

The media has an opportunity to do some investigation. It can differentiate between the Alt-Light, the Alt-White and the more all encompassing Alt-Right. Of course they are into demons like the Spanish Inquisition. So a guy like Steve Bannon is Lucifer or something and they are bringing the full brunt of their power to destroy him. They are only making him stronger. Breitbart will soon have more independent visits than MSNBC and CNN. The media has been discredited in this election and the God Emperor of the Cherry Blossom Throne has no time for their nonsense. He is not going to fold like a Rhino Cuck. In another post I will outline how the lying media tried to float the rumor that he was not going to reverse the climate change nonsense. They will keep roiling the waters. That is to be expected.

But heres the thing. The Bear is hungry. And angry.


Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

Don't hold back Troop...let us know what you really feel.

Frankly, I could give a shit about left media hyperventilating about the "Alt-Right"

Some of these douchebags are bad for Trump, and he is wise to denounce them (and he did). But those few are exactly that, few. Beyond that very limited fringe, the media is over playing its hand. Let them. They lost. Trump won. I know that constitutes a hate crime at some schools, but embrace the suck.

Meanwhile Jill Stein is fleecing the left for millions. You go Jill Stein!

bagoh20 said...

Isn't political cuckoldry letting someone have their way with your principles and your support and just sucking it up without so much as a whimper?

Just seems like the term is being used all wrong.

deborah said...

Excellent rant.

Trooper York said...

I think he is wrong to play the media game. He can not denounce everyone who endorses him. Because it is never enough.

Did you see Wolf Blitzer go on and on with a Trump surrogate and demand that Trump find an even stronger way to disavow every person that the Media doesn't like.

Fuck them.

Let me repeat. Fuck them.

Don't apologize. Just say that I can't control who votes for me just the way Hillary takes the support of Mexican rapists and Muslim terrorist and Black Lives Matters criminals. Don't buy into the media's narrative.

In fact don't talk to them all the much at all. Sean Hannity has the right idea. Talk
directly to the people. Through Youtube. Twitter. Instagram. Snapchat. Whatever.

ricpic said...

If terrorism weren't so fiercely enforced on the Left the statement that Western Civilization is a product of European Caucasians and cannot survive a "diverse" population, that statement would be taken for a truism. The terrorism amounts to making a person who questions the labeling of that statement as racisss, making that person disappear, become an unperson, placed in internal exile. It is a very effective form of terrorism. I will admit that it is perfectly legitimate to debate the question of how much diversity kills Western Civilization. But if we look to our south, to Latin America, it is hard to deny that Western Civilization exists there only in small pockets, if at all.

Trooper York said...

Bags has it wrong as usual. He is talking about his so called "conservative" principles that he thinks so many people share. You are entitled to you principles. They haven't done shit the last twenty years except get us into endless wars and almost bankrupt.

I am principally a social conservative. I have seen that what I believe in is essentially lost. The only thing I want is my religion to be left alone. Don't force nuns to pay for abortions and don't force a chick with a dick into the little girls room and don't force bakers to bake a wedding cake that has two grooms butt fucking on the top of it. Simple.

The rule of law is gone more or less. Now it is the time for us to get ours while the getting is good. Good old fashioned Tammany Hall Andrew Jackson spoils system stuff.

edutcher said...

The new manifestation of the SA is the BlackLives crew and the rest of the snowflakes who think they have the right to beat up somebody because they support Trump.

Actually, they're more like the old Red Guard in Germany. We haven't got an SA.


Trooper York said...

I think he is wrong to play the media game. He can not denounce everyone who endorses him. Because it is never enough.

Did you see Wolf Blitzer go on and on with a Trump surrogate and demand that Trump find an even stronger way to disavow every person that the Media doesn't like.

The old Alinsky game and you're right about them never being satisfied, but, hey...

You said nasty things about Ben Shapiro. Mme DeFarge will come after you with the National Razor.

deborah said...

I remember when Bush I trained the press corps not to shout at questions at him. Just like a teacher, he demanded they raise their hands and wait to be called upon lol. I think Trump is doing something like this. I suggest he refuse to allow CNN access until they fire all responsible and connected to the debate question leaks.

Trooper York said...

The thing is Evi many people don't say how they really feel. That is why there were so many Trump voters who were not reflected in the polls. You know the Bradley effect.

I was told that was bullshit and I didn't know what I was talking about.

There are a whole bunch of people who don't realize they are the bear. But the more they get poked with a stick the more they start to get ready to roar. Just sayn'

Trooper York said...

CNN has vowed that it was going to oppose the Trump administration.

Trump needs to take away their White House Press credentials immediately. If the other networks decide they won't cover him in solidarity....well that is just fine. PATCO the motherfuckers.

AllenS said...

One of the best things that Trump should do is tell everyone in his administration that you don't do interviews with Wolf Blitzer. There are others that need to be added to the list, but it's a start.

Rabel said...

An interesting post, Troop. But I'm sorry to say that in one respect you're fighting a battle that's already lost. Not the battle about principles or ideologies or tribes, but the one over the meaning of the phrase "alt-right." Its use by the white supremacists and neo-Nazis and anti-semites has allowed the media to turn it into a weapon that can and will be used against you and me and anyone who adopts it as an identifier of our position on the political right-left continuum.

It's best to accept defeat, give it up, and put the effort into reclaiming the word "conservative" from the elitists in the media who have dishonestly claimed it as their own.

Your call, of course, but nomenclature matters and "alt-rignt" is compromised and of no positive use to the Trump movement.

Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

CNN ran a half hour of trans-porn yesterday. Glenn Reynolds noted that Wolf Blitzer sound like a porn actor name.

There are no coincidences.

Trump won by about 107,000 votes in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan. It was brilliantly pulled off and credit to Trump and his team for doing it. But it easily could have gone the other way if Hillary was half way competent. Remember Harry Reid managed to give Nevada to Hillary which was supposed to clinch it for her. She was too smug to realize she could lose.

Trump has his bully pulpit and by all means, he should use it. So far I think he is doing just fine. Let him assemble his team and work out what is plan is. The media are hostile fucks and CNN is the worse of the bunch, but hubris is a bitch that can sneak up on anyone. Let CNN be its victim (again), not Trump.

bagoh20 said...

"Bags has it wrong as usual. He is talking about his so called "conservative" principles that he thinks so many people share. You are entitled to you principles. They haven't done shit the last twenty years except get us into endless wars and almost bankrupt. "

I was referring to your principles. The last President even close to mine probably owned slaves.

After Trump lets you down on your single remaining principal (religious tolerance for your religion), you'll find a new one. Just ask Trump what it should be.

First: "Nobody screws my wife!
Then: "Only if she wants to."
Then "Only if I can watch"
Then "OK, just call me when you're done."

Evi L. Bloggerlady said...


Trooper York said...

Well Rabel I don't agree. That was the mistake the Tea Party made. The Alt Right guys don't give a shit. They don't buy into the media narrative.

I can respect that.

Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

Is Kaus right about this?

Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

Troop, the Alt Right is not a couple of hundred idiots giving Hitler salutes, is it? I can distinguish between the two.

Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

Trump has a list of things to do.

1. Replace Scalia with a worthy successor.
2. Get Rid of Obamacare.
3. Stop Syrian Refugees
4. Immigration reform
5. Regulation reform

chickelit said...

"Did you see Wolf Blitzer go on and on with a Trump surrogate and demand that Trump find an even stronger way to disavow every person that the Media doesn't like."

Actually, I didn't and I don't want to. I simply think that watching Wolf Blitzer empowers Wolf Blitzer. The way to weaken Wolf Blitzer (and CNN) is to ignore them.

AprilApple said...

Rabel is right. You should listen to him.

AprilApple said...

It's important to mock and ridicule CNN as much as possible and in public, as well.

chickelit said...

April: That's like saying it's important to watch the KKK and mock them. The difference is that Wolf Blitzer and his network profit from people watching them and mocking them. Viewership needs to plummet, not spike.

AprilApple said...

Not really, Chickl. The KKK is marginal and they don't have a TV channel.

I'm not suggesting anyone watch CNN. (I cannot anyway - I don't have cable) I'm suggesting CNN be made the butt of jokes and ridicule in polite circles. Make CNN toxic.
Do to CNN, what CNN does to us.

We all watch clips of CNN, or see CNN on the television at an airport or at the laudromutt. Complain! Tell someone you do NOT want to watch "fake news" CNN.

AprilApple said...

EVI - Yes Kaus is right. If Trump continues to ditch his campaign promises, and if he ditches the big one, illegal immigration, Trump will end up with 2 supporters.

XRay said...

I've had few drinks, OK?

Troop, you're not as smart as you think you are. Neither am I.

Bottom line is, is that this was a last gasp. The beatings will continue shortly.

Meaning, that the commies have won.

They were more degenerate than us, or, for some grace, we could imagine.

Good and decent folks that we are.

Trooper York said...

It is quite amusing that the only people really butt hurt about "Trumps broken promises" are th media and people who never supported him in the first place.

Ulterior motive much?

edutcher said...

Evi L. Bloggerlady said...


Meet Nemesis.

And Kaus should do the Captain Obvious commercials.

PS The Klan may not have a channel, but they're all over the Webosphere, and that's all that counts anymore.

Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

I am not sure you guys get it. I have no problem with what Trump is doing. This is a work in progress. I have low expectations, so provided he gets a decent pick for Scalia, I figure I am already way ahead of where we would be with Hillary. But Trump could be a truly transformational president if he manages to accomplish that list I made above. I will support him as much as I can. I wish him the best.

ed: Not sure what you are trying to say. Who's nemesis? My only point was hubris gets everyone who does not pay attention to it (it certainly took down Bush, then Obama and Hillary). I am not saying Trump will fall for it, but he should not think he is immune to it.

I do think Trump needs to move quick because you watch Janet Yellen start move up interest rates during Trump's term (oh that just crashed the sorry for you). They may hold off till year 3 just to ensure a Democrat challenger takes over. Every dirty trick will be employed against Trump by the Democrats, the GOPe and the Media.

chickelit said...

Interest rates should rise, but not ahead of optimism. I mean, if Trump succeeds in stemming the influx of cheap labor, wages have the rise, amirire? Hello Inflation! Raising interest rates fights inflation. This is old stuff. Volcker stuff.

chickelit said...

One reason I don't post as much as I used to is that my wife got me an iPad which relies on touch typing instead of a mouse. I can't do anything fast anymore. I can't even make a hyperlink.

I miss mice.

Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

Chick, I am not saying interest rates shouldn't rise, They probably should--to a point. Obama and Yellen has intentionally not risen them to try to help Hillary get elected.

What I suspect is shenanigans going into the 2020 race. I am not sure Trump can fire Yellen (I think only congress can).

bagoh20 said...

"It is quite amusing that the only people really butt hurt about "Trumps broken promises" are the media and people who never supported him in the first place."

"It is quite amazing that the only people really butt hurt about him screwing my wife are the guys who are stingy with their women." ~ The Ubercuck.