Saturday, November 19, 2016

Tucker Carlson grills Jonathan Allen on Jeff Sessions being racist

The title actually says, "GRILLS," and Tucker does seriously grill, but it's actually about Allen claiming Sessions is racist by Allen's impressions, not by Allen's proof. It's not about Sesson's racism, it's about onathatn Allen saying so. In the interview Allen says he does not say so while Tucker insists that he does nine times.  Other websites are saying, and other conservative principals are saying, that Tucker Carlson "crushed" Allen, and Tucker Carlson "destroyed" Allen." Ann Coulter says, it's the greatest TV she's ever seen. Mike Cernovich says, Tucker will make Fox great again and he will have the top rated show. Others chimed in on Twitter saying similar things.

Possibly, but I'm not seeing Jonathan Allen being destroyed or crushed, not anything near to that. Tucker Carlson  challenges Jonathan Allen and doesn't let Allen get away with his nonsense and Carlson checks Allen's repetitions, but I'm not seeing Allen being crushed, or moved, or convinced, or even budged half an inch. His mind is distorted permanently. Fixed as concrete is cured. Allen walks away from the interview thinking, "Well that went rather well."


Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

Chip, Tucker did not have to crush Allen, he had to satisfy and satiate the viewers loathing of Allen. Since he did, Tucker's interview was a success.

Chip Ahoy said...

Yes. I see.

While comments to it are all "awesome," "completely destroying," and "epic," "brilliant," and "demolishing," and "shredded" and "obliterated,"

Tucker is very good. For all the superlatives Jonathan Allen and his ilk are completely unaffected. His opinions are now their opinions and I seem them everywhere. The comments to the Drudge link to Sessions appointment at the Washington Post, for example, have all these same things That Allen has written repeated through the 5,000 comments. I stuck with it for awhile, up to 250 comments or so, I called about 50 people dopes. Then got tired or the whole trolling bit and moved on. But they were saying precisely the same things as Carlson is challenging. I have more fruitful conversation with bricks <---Lie, But I'm trying to make a point, a'ight?

AllenS said...

It's going to be a long rough 4 years for people like Jonathan Allen.

Guildofcannonballs said...

The zinger is "you think Jeff Sessions is anti-Meliana?"

"What, no I didn't say that."

"You just said Sen. Sessions is anti-immigrant and Meliana is an immigrant, do you speak English sir?"

"What no he is anti-immigrant, anti-immigrant, anti-immigrant and yes he must hate the First Lady elect!"

"Okay then."

Guildofcannonballs said...

The right should have pre-thought, ready-written zingers for each Prog lie.

No facts allowed, mess with their heads, mindfuck.

"I was pro-choice until I saw all the abortions were poor black kids so abortion is racist and I am not a racist."

"Paying giant student loans off is the greatest way to show love and patriotism for the USA. Such a large investment in a government institution dramatically strengthens our appeal to both foreign and domestically capital markets and the forced, non-dischargeable loan payments encourage a quick transition to the lifelong hustle and bustle needed to run in the "rat race" and not allow yourself the freedom to think of doing something beyond paying that month's bills."

"I don't trust women with guns so I am for gun control."

"Saudi Arabia has some of the safest roads in the world, I wonder why? Hey, google it!"

"Richard Mellon Scaife killed Bambi. .... oh, he was a rich Republican bad guy in the 1990's. ... oh, a baby dear, a doe, in a children's book and movie and stuff."

Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

Chip, there is no dialog between Tucker and Allen. Allen has his mind made up and everything is fair (even have you stopped beating your wife questions) since he doesn't like Pence. Allen did not leave any different. But Tucker fought back and pointed that out, so at least the audience can make up their minds. Many (unfortunately) are just as bad as Allen. But a few aren't.

Allen S points out it will be a long four years for guys like Jonathan Allen, but it might be a longer eight years if they keep doing this.

ndspinelli said...

This apoplectic behavior is akin to 1980 when Reagan beat Carter. The only real difference is the internet, which provides more information. Reagan simply went above the MSM to the people w/o the help of having an alternative media provided by the internet. With a guy like Bannon, who understands the power of this alternative media, this could become a movement for a long time. It could also implode. We'll see.

Sydney said...

ndspinelli- The internet is also making the leftist/progressive tendencies toward violence worse. They see their feelings justified in their social media cocoon and believe all the lies promulgated there. I include the mainstream media in that. I'm a little worried that things will end violently.

chickelit said...

I agree with Chip: Allen's opinions are too well-insulated to change. But the optics look very bad for Allen: He personifies federal bloat.

edutcher said...

Chip's point, generically, is well-taken.

Even Team Jacobson has gotten into the "Our Guy Demolishes Theirs" thing.

AllenS said...

Have the riots stopped, or at least slowed down?

ricpic said...

Is it really possible that when leftists like Allen practice pure unadulterated guilt by association McCarthyism - smearing Sessions as sharing Stormfront racism because Stormfront has lauded him - they aren't aware that that's what they're doing? And is it further possible that they completely lack the irony gene, given that their forebears on the left screamed bloody murder about just such McCarthyism? Yes and yes.

rcocean said...

I've never been a big Tucker Carlson fan. I can remember when Jon Stewart made him look like a wuss and a fool. J

rcocean said...

We seem to be in permanent Hyperbole mode. I found a video of Pence being "booed". I have visions of 1000 people standing and giving him a crushing chorus of disapproval. But the video doesn't show that. You hear some boos and some cheers and its obvious that most of the crowd isn't reacting at all.

Methadras said...

Jonathan Allen is a smear merchant. He deals in insinuation, innuendo, and correlation being causation. He's basically a better dressed version of the anti-trump marching scumbag SJW's except he's more sinister about it. He thought he could lob a bomb in this piece and it would explode, but he didn't expect it would be back in his face. You can't be a 'journalist' and write an opinion piece and in several instances asked direct questions and some of your responses are 'I don't know' and be taken seriously.

Throw this fat fuck into the atlantic and let him drift to the EU. He'd be better served there.