Monday, November 21, 2016

#boycottHamilton is not enough.

As I am sure you know that there is a #boycotthamilton movement due to the lecture the social justice warrior actors gave Vice President Pence who just wanted to see a show. These morons are the epitome of the intolerant. They don't tolerate the deplorables, Republicans, Trump voters or white people in general as they had a casting call where "white people need not apply."

Even the cucks at HotAir realize that this is pretty stupid. Cuckmeister General Larry O'conner of HotAir opines:"After the post-show curtain speech delivered at Vice-President-elect Mike Pence Friday night, many conservatives thought a boycott of the ground-breaking musical would be a great idea. It’s a natural reaction to what many non-Hillary-voters see as an insulting message delivered by the Hamilton cast that they are not welcome and are worthy of a condescending lecture if they show up at the theatre.
Believe me, behind the scenes the powers that be on Broadway are very concerned about the fall-out.
Let me be clear, the #BoycottHamilton movement is of no concern to the producers of this blockbuster. They are basically printing “Hamiltons” (or more accurately “Benjamins”) in the basement of the Richard Rogers Theatre right now and they will be for a decade.
But theatre as an industry relies on New York tourism and the income that comes with it. These tourists come from states that voted for Donald Trump as well as Hillary Clinton. The last thing Broadway wants to do is alienate these voters heading into the lucrative holiday season.
In fact, as soon as Broadway hits the post-holiday month of January, multiple shows will be shuttering on the Great White Way, even before this latest audience-killing episode. Don’t get me wrong, Broadway is healthy and thriving, but this episode does nothing to help non-Hamilton style shows that are on the bubble and need tourist dollars to survive."

I think that Trump did not go far enough. He should promote the hashtag  #boycottbroadway. Look if the actors and playwrights can make a living off of pajama boys and lesbians who don't shave under their arms than more power to them. They should know that Republicans buy sneakers too. So if they want to lecture and hector fat pink faced tourists from Indiana than they can forego their business and live off the left.
I live in New York. I like to go to Broadway shows. Mostly revivals of old time musicals. But I can give it up. I loved football and basketball a lot more and I gave them up as millions are doing with the NFL. Live by identity politics die by identity politics.
You see the whole appeal of the Democratic party for the last twenty years has been focusing on the "rights" and "demands" of a specific identity. Blacks. Gays. Single feminist women. They insisted on it. Well in this election they got to meet a new group that has found their identity. The white working class. This made them lose their shit.
Everyone is outraged. The Democrats. The liberals. The lying scum mainstream media. The cuckservative virtue signaling Washington General Republicans. They all are appalled. You have to give group rights and special privileges to every group. You have to reassure them. Cosset them. Kiss their ass. Well ok then there is another group that is demanding theirs. 
Trump and Bannon have cast this appeal in economic terms. In fact Trump has explicitly said he wants blacks and Hispanics to benefit as Americans from his programs. In return for reaching out he has been branded a KKK loving racist. The media has a drumbeat that never stops. So it is time to feed it back to them.
Delegitimize the media. Demand that Breitbart and Infowars and the National Enquirer get the same press credentials and access as the New York Times. If they refuse then revoke their privileges. They will fall in line soon enough because they have absolutely no integrity. They can cry Wolf Blizter all they want and none of us are going to give a shit.
It is always amazing to me that the Liberals and the media say we can't call Muslims terrorists because then we just create more terrorists. But you can call all of Trump's voters racists and scorn them and call them worthless pieces of shit who should die and you think they are just going to take it. You call someone a racist often enough they are not going to care anymore. Or even worse they will start to believe it. Because racism is the default position in nature. If not racism lets call it specie-ism if that makes sense. The lamb does not lay down with the lion. Every animal wants to stay with it's own. It is only through conscious effort that people fight against this natural tendency and accept someone or something so different from themselves. People are not animals most of the time. But it is always there right under the surface. So if you destroy the things that ameliorate those feelings you get a very different society. Religion, civil discourse and politeness are all things that have kept the lid on. The left wants to sweep that all aside in pursuit of their goals. They have no understanding of the consequences. 
So keep on shaming red state America with your moral preening and bullshit diatribes. This election is just the beginning of the worm turning. Be careful what you wish for. You might get it. 


Leland said...

Yeah, but my wife and I have put our tourism of NYC on hold much earlier, like when Bloomberg became mayor, and for certain with DeBlasio in charge of things now. I'll take another trip to London and see West End if I want theater. To be fair, TUTS does pretty good here in Houston. The locals are as left leaning as those on Broadway, but not quite the SJW snowflakes yet. Many haven't made it to UT yet.

Trooper York said...

I think they don't know what they started. The mook in Chicago who stood up and disrupted their show by shouting pro-Trump slogans is just the tip of the iceberg.

edutcher said...

You see the whole appeal of the Democratic party for the last twenty years has been focusing on the "rights" and "demands" of a specific identity. Blacks. Gays. Single feminist women. They insisted on it. Well in this election they got to meet a new group that has found their identity. The white working class. This made them lose their shit.

OK, but I think it goes deeper. Trump doubled Romney's cut of blacks (14% or 1 in 7) and added 7 to Romney's cut of Hispanics (37% or 3 out of 8). He won white college-educated women. He did as well with the alphabet vote as Romney. And this is without taking away the 8 million or so fraudulent votes.

IOW, the serious people out there, regardless of who they are, saw through the pandering far more than the Demos imagined and it cost them at least MI and PA.

But, yeah, the fed-up vote is just beginning to be heard.

Amartel said...

Trump summoned the media bigwigs today and yelled at them calling them deceitful liars. Unfortunately, this was off the record. We could begin to pay down the debt if they would show it on Pay per View.

Trooper York said...

I know. I read about it in the New York Post.

I can't wait to see how they leak it the scumbags.

This is gonna be fun.

ricpic said...

Hasn't Broadway priced the deplorables out of the picture anyway? What do a pair of tickets cost to Hamilton? I'm sure I'm lowballing it at $200. More likely $350. So Broadway already relies on a California-New York embrace above the heads of the deplorable forty eight. Slight exaggeration, but not by much.

Trooper York said...

Ric some of them are $600 to $800. So only the elite get them.

Which is why Trump has to smite all of Broadway. So they all take the hit.

Methadras said...

NYC will most likely never see me again until it changes its ways. Fuck that entire city into the dust.

edutcher said...

They'll be screaming even louder when all the cheap labor disappears.

Looks like Kris Kobach will run DHS deporting the illegals and vetting the Moslems.

Up yours, Jeh.

deborah said...

Considering the Ayn Randian concept of moochers and producers, I'd say a fair amount of the box office success has been fueled by conservative producers. A boycott could result in driving down ticket prices.

Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

Tickets for Hamilton start (nose bleed) for $850. They are almost all reseller/scalper tickets.

Tickets from the box office, if you are luck to score them when they come on line start for nose bleed for $175.