Sunday, November 27, 2016

My dad was an athelete

I posted this video of the adorable girl to avoid posting about political things, namely Donald Trump's latest tweet criticizing MSM for giving so much attention to Jill Stein's efforts at recounting key states and Hillary Clinton's smelling the money involved and glomming onto it, or perhaps planning the whole thing immediately using Jill with Hillary's wealthy backers who honestly believe they bought this election fair and square and simply cannot accept Electoral College results, interestingly making this unseemly protraction a millionaire vs millionaires situation. 

I notice by comments elsewhere that base voter on the left, and journalists, do  not yet comprehend that Donald Trump is avoiding availing American media services. Both haven't internalized that MSM is being shunted by Trump using Twitter to strike his points instead of using MSM. Ignoring Twitter's character limitation, they interpret a series of tweets that it takes for Trump to make a single point since the tweets are not numbered 1 of 6, 2 of 6 and so forth as Twitterers do, and characterize the series as Twitter beinging and a sign of Trump acting out of control, and he needs to learn how to control his late night tweeting impulses. This morning a British newspaper, Daily Mail, I think, ran an item titled "Get enough sleep, Mr. Trump?" or something similar. The story is about Trump's six tweets for Trump to make his point already made here about the duplicity of Hillary's public statement regarding accepting election results and Trump's saying previously "We'll see" as being a threat to our union along with Hillary's wearisome pedantry about American history. Then behaving the opposite and seriously engaging the behavior she condemned. And all of her party loyalists believe all of that is just fine.  Then later today a commenter on another YouTube video, a man with an elderly man's avatar that appears authentic, said the same thing, that Trump needs to get off Twitter. I told him he's old enough to know better and he'll take his immaturity to his grave. And he's a dope. I'm notified of return comments but I delete them without reading them. I'm there to provoke and annoy, not to engage.

Why? We know it's how Trump chooses to communicate directly by bypassing corrupted MSM who report what they please for their own aims. He's totally working their last nerves and it shows. 

Serious voter fraud in Virginia, New Hampshire and California - so why isn't the media reporting on this? Serious bias - big problem!
Whew, I did very well there posting the amusing honesty of the little girl. Because if not then you'd be tempted to read through the Twitter reaction to Trump's plainspoken truth. What we have here are two entirely different operative realities. The discussion devolves to usual Twitter irrational shitstorm of pure id where wholly unrelated bugs up people's butts are flung out with the poo, as monkeys do. And you certainly don't want to see that


Leland said...

I'm all for Trump side stepping the MSM, but he needs to side step Twitter too. I suspect it is probably the right platform until he gets control over Once he has the main page, he should drop Twitter for its support of terrorist organizations like the Muslim Brotherhood.

ndspinelli said...

What a cute kid. Art Linkletter set the standard tapping into children's lack of pretense and pure honesty. I avoid people who don't like kids.