Tuesday, November 22, 2016

morning glory seeds

That's it for the terrace garden. Goodbye. That was fun.

Now we'll see what kind of mischief we can get up to. By "we" I mean "I." 

People sell these things on eBay, you know. Let's look. $1.00 for a million. Not realy.  But they're still very cheap. Except those blue picotee ones are $10.00 for a 100 seeds. Eh, it depends on how glorious you want your morning glories to be. 

I thought this was going to be hard. I separated the seeds from the dry pod casings the same way potheads used to separate seeds from their weed years ago, but they don't do that anymore because the pot plants nowadays are specialized, they're all frustrated female plants disallowed from forming seeds. There are no dude plants around. It's total sexual discrimination in the pot industry. The plant's extreme frustration results in super mean weed. But the thing is, the plants are evolutionarily advanced and they have the potential to go transsexual and make themselves hermaphrodite to satisfy their frustration. And once they do, of course, they die. And there's a moral in there having to do with f'ing yourself.

I used a tray with a Silpat mat and tilted it so the seeds roll down while the chaff stays at the top. That worked very well. The whole thing went faster than I expected. So this ancient pot related knowledge really helped here. 

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deborah said...

This summer a flower at my mom's, that comes up every year in various places, in the color magenta(?), came up, in one flower, the most lovely shade of chalky pink. A milk pink, but strong in color. I meant to get seeds from it, but forgot. Hopefully it will reseed right in the same place.

It's a tiny flower, somewhat starshaped, maybe three-eighths inches across.