Sunday, November 20, 2016

Hey he still has to pay alimony even though they were never married! It's the feminist law or something! Amirite or what!

Mariah Carey shuts down settlement talks with ex-fiancé 

New York Post By Lindsay Putnam November 20, 2016

Mariah Carey didn’t even tie the knot with billionaire James Packer, but their split is already messier than most divorces.
The diva has reportedly shut down settlement negotiations with her ex-fiancé, accusing Packer of being a “lying opportunist” and threatening him with a lawsuit, according to TMZ.
Carey is demanding $50 million from Packer, citing that he caused such distress that the singer had to cancel the South American leg of her current tour.

But the tour cancellation was due to poor ticket sales, a Packer source told TMZ.
Packer argues he doesn’t owe Carey a dime, as they were never married.
The couple split in October after less than a year of dating, with Carey’s forthcoming E! show “Mariah’s World” and Packer’s ties to Scientology cited as reasons. The feud reached new heights during their prenup negotiation, which Carey felt treated her like a “gold digger.”

To prove that she isn't Carey demands $50 million because even thought they were never married he still owes it to her because she banged him. Even though he could not touch the sides and never got off. "It was enough that I let him see me naked even though he could have done the same thing by surfing the internet. He should be thankful that he couldn't touch the sides. He would have got the herpes I got from that skeivy Derek Jeter. So he should just pay up and shut up."


bagoh20 said...

"...a lying opportunist"

I think we are living in a time that will come to be known as "The Age of Projection".

I don't remember it being such a thing in the past. Maybe it was, and I didn't notice it, but it seems like a plague now.

ricpic said...

A Fantasy

All the women were distressed,
Gimme gimme they all cried;
All the men went out on strike,
And that's how the world died.

windbag said...

If disappointment is the standard now, imagine what Christie Brinkley, Natalie Wood, and Adrienne Barbeau owe me.

Rabel said...

I don't know much about her cooter but her voice was huge.

chickelit said...

Why will the fruit bat hate this post?

Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

Why would she get anything? She's independently wealthy, amirite?

chickelit said...

Hey, if she can't sell tickets and fill venues, how else can she become even more independently wealthy? Seems like a no-brainier, old-fashioned case of gold digging.

Amartel said...

She's already established she's a whore, now she's just haggling over price.

chickelit said...

So, I just googled a couple of her songs. Amazingly, she has never been on my radar. Me no likely. What do people see in her? She's even kind of a butter face.

Chip Ahoy said...

She's a fantastic singer.

Vision of Love
Love Takes Time
I Don't Wanna Cry
Ill Be There
Without You.

So you just knock it off. And start LIKING her, goddamnit.

Plus look, she's showing us her tits. And tits like that don't come cheaply, ya know.

Related: You know what bums me out and makes my head go snap? When I look up a word in the ASL dictionaries, the window opens and they SPELL it.

Ew, grrrrrr, that makes me mad.

It just happened. A commenter left the video in his comments of "Disco Inferno" another song you probably don't see any merit to but one that I like very well. Because it's fun. But it cannot be interpreted song-wise because there is not a sign for the main word, "Disco," and that ruins the whole effort. If you have to spell it then, blah.

Bah humbug.

But that was then, and this is now, so I looked again motivated by faint flickering hope. Two dictionaries offer, but when you click over, they're SPELLING it, and that's the same thing as not fulfilling an offer. Anyone can spell it.

I need a substitute that is not a 2 or 3 word definition. Something immediately graphic. Because it must be whipped out quickly and recognized immediately.

I need "disk -o"
or "record -o"
or "sparkly turning mirror orb"
or "dance"
or "80's dance"
or "club dance"
or "polyester clothes, broad collar, questionable fashion sense era dance"
or "Club 54"
or "drum machine, loud dance music"

But no, nothing. So for all these years a wonderful song goes uninterpreted, left outside the practice repertoire.

But that's okay, there's always Soft Cell's, "Tainted Love" to compensate for the depressing loss of Disco Inferno.

One time three stereo units ago, the stacked components included a microphone that allowed Karaoke. When my actor wanna be friend saw it he was drawn to it magnetically but stood frozen unable to start, he could not utter a single sound. He did so many false starts that I yelled at him, "SING IT, ALREADY GODDAMNIT!"

But he could not.

He kept picking out female recording artists with pitch outside his range. What a f'k'n dope. I yelled at him, "PICK SOMETHING WITHIN YOUR GODDAMN RANGE WHY DON'TCHA?" But he didn't. He kept picking divas, Maria Carey, Witney Houston, Celine Dion, and non diva, Olita Adams.

If he would just pick a dude then he would be able to sing along. Or else match her key in his own octave, but the simple fact is he cannot sing his way out of a paper bag. He cannot find a tune far less hold one. Some people just flat cannot sing, and he's one of them. Too bad. Because in all other respects the guy is pure and natural entertainer. He's really very funny with his dramatic antics. In all ways, he's made for the stage, but sadly he cannot sing a single note.

Methadras said...

See what happens when you fuck crazy?

Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

Why doesn't he simply say, "No."

After of course her showing him her tits.

Lem said...

Oh no. Trooper has made us into a fake news site. The horrors. 😉

Amartel said...

Most amusing things about the "fake news" story:
(1) the fake news story was fake;
(2) fake news fearmongering by media that got everything about election wrong and colluded with DNC and Clintons to manufacture fake news and decides desired narratives in advance then "shapes" the news to fit them and (etc.);
(3) Obama sez fake news is bad