Sunday, November 6, 2016

Singer Muses On Trump's Murder

"Artist" Tim Heidecker reaches for fame plotting a murder:

Says Heidecker: 
My humor tends to skew dark, so I imagined a kamikaze style situation, where the pilot sacrifices himself for the sake of the country,” Heidecker said of the song. “I’ve performed it live a few times, and let me tell you: there’s a real cathartic satisfaction in singing the last few lines, and I always choke up a bit."
Read the whole thing: link


chickelit said...

This cuck cops Randy Newman's sound. Bastard.

chickelit said...


Reviewing the TDS tag, I noticed that someone took down little Bobby De Niro's rant against Trump. So I found another version and put it up! Watch it here.

Chip Ahoy said...

He can have his catharsis. I needn't indulge him. My guiding angel told me not to watch nor listen and instructed me to pray for him.


Lord please smite this pixie prick.
Smash his balls between two bricks.
Crush his throat and make it stick
Have him scream and cry and kick
Give his ears your godly flick
And Lord, please work these wonders quick.

Your kind and sweet angelic son, Chip. Amen.

p.s., love your work.

rcommal said...

I won't read the whole thing, because I refuse to do so, on account of I don't need to do such a thing.

rcommal said...

Lawdy. A reference to Randy Newman, which I love. A casual "cuck" use, which I don't. Man, it's all getting too late.

chickelit said...

@rcommal: These are all new lows. You'd best ignore them.

bagoh20 said...

You think you hate him, but if you watch this, I bet your heart will turn to passion.