Sunday, November 6, 2016

Comey Clears Clinton Again!

FBI director James Comey has sent a letter to Congress saying that basically nothing has changed and he has reviewed the 650,000 emails on Anthony Weiner's computer and there is no "there" there. No influence peddling. No classified information mishandled by maids or perverts. No sex gangs or pedophilia. No weird Satanic snack recipes. 650,000 emails reviewed totally and comprehensively and not a one that needed to be investigated. Nothing. Nada. Nothing to see here move along.

Powerline reports. Breitbart reports. Hot Air reports.

Youse guys decide.


AprilApple said...

Someone said lucy and the football. who was it?!

You get the big prize.

Amartel said...

This is so obviously fake and rigged (see my comment in another thread that 650,000 emails=100 emails "investigated" per minute) that it could rebound on them if publicized correctly. That being said, now would be a good time for the last of the Wikileaks.

AprilApple said...

We heard lots of stuff about how some in the FBI are/were investigating the Clinton Foundation.

What of that?

bagoh20 said...

You can't leave making the case against Clinton to DC insiders. That's the job of the opposition.

I think most of those crimes were found and he admitted he found them, he just didn't have the balls to follow the law after he found them pointing to a DC celebrity. This is what you get when you settle for a nation of men and women over one of laws. Enjoy the tribalism.

edutcher said...

Comey's owned by the Ozark Mafia Global Slush Fund so, if he didn't clear them, he'd have an "accident".

But bag makes the point we "can't leave making the case against Clinton to DC insiders".

So who does that?

Little Marco? The One True Ted?

How's 'bout a real outsider?

Of course NeverTrumpers bag and the Bluebird of Happiness don't really want an outsider; they want a "gentleman", a good loser, someone who won't incur the wrath of the media, someone who will fold under any media criticism.

A hundred years ago in Mexico, they had a saying

Companeros of the plow
Tired and starved and dirty
There's but one road to follow now
So grab your .30-30

I think we're getting there.

Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

I had Lucy and the Football

Comey is a real stand up guy, like Rick on the Walking Dead.

Hillary is Negan.

Christy said...

I didn't believe him the first time, I don't believe him now. In the deepest part of me I do believe Hillary has one of his family members hostage.

edutcher said...

Off Breitbart, Ned Silver says the Beast is Is ‘One State Away’ From Losing the Electoral College.

I won't link the little dweeb, but you can find it easily enough.

This is a guess, so everybody can laugh at me if I'm wrong, but I think we're looking at an epic loss for the Demos.

Leland said...

I had Lucy and the Football too, but I don't have a blog like Evi. Credit to the one that does the extra work. No credit to Comey.

Read Ryan's comments... "Fortunately the people..." Yeah putz, we know you won't do anything about it. And if Ryan has his way...

Third Coast said...

Rep. Steve King from Iowa says the Republicans have all 650,000 of the Weiner emails. If this is true, someone is doing some serious leaking.

Trooper York said...

There are a lot of twist and turns in this. We have still not heard from the dissidents in the FBI and the NYPD who can still leak some stuff. Supposedly they threatened Comey into sending the first letter to Congress. Hillary, Obama and Lynch threatened him into sending the second letter. So now we see if the "rouge" elements have anything substantive to leak.

The thing is the damage if any has been done for a lot of people. They realize that four years of Hillary is four years of the same old investigations and bullshit. A lot of people just don't want to deal with that. This letter is not going to fire up the moolies and the millennials to go out and vote for the nasty white lady.

I think Trump will win. In a Trumpslide.

Trooper York said...

He will run the table on the industrial states. Win Ohio and Florida and North Carolina. He has defied expectations in every election has been in so far. That is why the Democrats and the media have been so savage in their attacks.

Rabel said...

I took Ms. Wood's course sometime during my childhood. It didn't work but it's well worth noting that the book we used was "Animal Farm."

Sixty Grit said...

I doubt that he will win NC. Too many Y*nkee communists moved here and brought their politics with them.

edutcher said...

Keep in mind Sixty will always see the worst (4 days ago RCP had NC Red, so I think that has only hardened (if valid)), but I have to go with Troop and throw in PA and MI at the very least because, last we heard, they're both dead even.

Comey pulling this now is flop sweat IMHO.

Sixty Grit said...

Ed, you may be correct. There was a brief flurry of Trumpism last week, but I am like reverse Pauline Kale - wait, maybe that's a typo - I never run in to anyone who is not a serious leftist/statist. Maybe I need to find new friends, eh? Travel in different circles.

AprilApple said...

cupcakes and vodka shots for all the Lucy and the Football folks. I don't have any cupcakes, so.

Adamsunderground said...

Last season on TWD was like the 2012 election, a completely wasted effort.

Adamsunderground said...

I stopped by my local early-voting location today. The machine was down for repairs and the line of voters waiting stretched around the building. Again, Hillary will take FL if it's indicative of urban voters unaware of the option of an absentee ballot

bagoh20 said...

"Of course NeverTrumpers bag and the Bluebird of Happiness don't really want an outsider; they want a "gentleman", a good loser, someone who won't incur the wrath of the media, someone who will fold under any media critics"

It's not the NeverTrumpers who might cost Trump the election, although I know you need to believe that. The NeverTrumpers are small numbers, convincing nobody. It's not them stopping people from voting for Trump.

The only outsiders with any power are the voters. You either win them over or you elect Hillary, and go home a loser with your cause in shambles.

Hillary's best hope is that Trumpers convinced Trump of his genius and inevitability long enough to prevent him from making this easy pivot in time to close the deal. Yes-men are at least as dangerous to a leader as his enemies.

ricpic said...

The only way to avoid leftists is to stop talking to people. Works for me.

ricpic said...

"...this easy close the deal."

Pivot? Trump's positions on immigration, trade. taxation, regulation, defense are clear and have been repeated over and over again at his rallies. You want him to pivot away from his positions to appeal to the mythical voters who will put him over the top?

Stop already with the sophistry.

I just threw that in because I like to say stop with the sophistry. It makes me happy, than which there is nothing more important.

ricpic said...

Did the FBI riffle through the emails? That's always fun, to riffle through a big stack a' stuff.

Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

Here is hoping. I did my duty and voted. I hope Troop and ed are right.

edutcher said...

It's Kael, but who's counting?

As for pivots, this is DC lingo and has been beaten to death over the past 8 years. Trump, as ric notes has made his points.

Only those not paying attention or only listening to the media haven't noticed.

As for the vodka, I think that's been covered.

I'm just going with my observations and what I've l;earned from people like Caddell and Surber. I have no idea who takes the big prize, but I do think the Democrats have been tainted as a party.

Surber thinks they could have a stay in the wilderness like the Rs from '32 on. If so, it might be the best thing for them.

Sixty Grit said...

That was a homophonic joke. Plus both of them are bitter and foul.

Chip Ahoy said...


There is no "there" there. Except for 650,000 emails that shouldn't fucking be there

See how the focus of discussion changes? The bitch ran an illegal server! To the tower! Off with her goddamn head! Just for that. That alone is PROOF of illegal activity. All that proof that is needed to indict, to prosecute to convict and to punish.

That NONE of that happens is proof that the system is rigged. Proof that our system is tiered. One system for felonious Democrats and another for everyone else.

It's unacceptable.

bagoh20 said...

The pivot was turning to and staying on message instead of being pulled into fighting over every little bullshit thing someone said about him. The pivot was in tactics and focus, not changing his basic positions. Nobody really does that. It was an easy pivot, because it's natural like good cop - bad cop. The good cop closes the deal. Is this really that hard to see? Is it even unexpected. I knew he would do it, I've been saying he needs to do it for a long time in here. Now he's been doing it, it's working, and Trumpers didn't even notice it? Sheese, who's side are you guys on?

edutcher said...

No pivot. Trump was not letting her take any cover.

Every time she tried to hide behind the "I'm a vagina", "His son died in the US Army so you can't criticize him because he wants Moslem immigrants unvetted" type excuses, he shot them down in a way none of the Whigs would have dared and left her no cover except her positions on the issues. He took the media criticism and shrugged it off because it gave her one less way to attack him without consequence.

He could hit the issues because she had no place to hide. Some people just don't get it.

And, speaking of no place to hide, she's only done 2 events today and has only one for tomorrow. Trump did 5 today and will do another 5 tomorrow. And he's older than she is.

Lem said...

It's virtually impossible to have looked at all those emails in the short period of time Comey is insinuating the emails were looked at.

By looked I mean pecetoguether the pertinent thread and check back to see if they referenced events already covered or part of new, as of yet unknown possible crime.

All this means only one thing.

Rush was right again when he said Comey was just distracting from Wekyleaks

bagoh20 said...

There is only one system, and we are the ultimate authority in it. The only real rigging is voter fraud, which can be overpowered. We have ultimate power, but in a democracy you have to convince people. You don't just get your way. You don't win by being angrier than the other guy. The corrupt in our system succeed through persuasion, or they would be gone. Sure they lie, but truth is the way to beat that. I've convinced at least a handful of people I know of to change from someone else to voting Trump. Not by being angry or emotional, but by talking calmly and laying out what is so dangerous about Hillary, and how Trump is at least an opportunity for change. The hardest challenge is convincing people he's not dangerous and unpredictable. Him being controlled and focussed makes that case better than anything I can tell them.

bagoh20 said...

"No pivot. Trump was not letting her take any cover."

So then you didn't see it. He was the one providing cover. He was the one stepping on the message. Someone finally got him to see that, and he stopped it about 2 weeks ago.

edutcher said...


He backed her into a corner. What's happened in the last 2 weeks is the FBI stuff and WikiLeaks tell us what she did when she had a chance to be an administrator which tells how she'll be as PUS.

Until she has her stroke.

bagoh20 said...

Maybe Comey is telling the truth. It changes nothing. She still broke the law repeatedly and selfishly exposing classified information to our enemies out of hubris and incompetence. She still sold access, and runs a corrupt fraud of a charity, and will continue illegal immigration and Obamacare. Electing her codifies and accepts that and all the rest of the ossified corruption that everyone hates on both sides and the middle. This is still the case that sinks her if it's made and heard.

edutcher said...

Point is, people are saying Comey cleared her.

No, he just gave an opinion. Anyone else down the road can re-open the investigation. The only way she is cleared is by a jury.

Chip Ahoy said...

Evelyn Wood

En tiempos muy remotos, my brother told me to meet him at his neighbor's house, so I did. I was on time but he was not. I went to his neighbors all collected outside having beers and my presence there changed the dynamics. I did not fit. They did not know how to react to me. They changed their boisterous behavior to accommodate their perception of my preppiness. I was dressed differently. My grooming was different. My English was different. I didn't drink beer.They didn't know what to make of me. Somebody mentioned the library.

I said, "I borrowed a book from the library one time. "How to Speed Read." But I only read half of it. I had to return the book before I was finished."

The women got the joke first and their laughter made the men realize I just said something incredibly stupid. And probably true. They all fell about the place laughing at me. And that broke the ice.

(Turns out my brother discovered a raccoon had babies inside chimney of my parents house. They got a cage for them but the babies walked right through the bars. They were trying to figure out what to do with all those little raccoons.)

bagoh20 said...

Serious question:

Assuming they both would get exactly what they seem to want for this country, who would be worse for the nation as President: Hillary or Bernie?

chickelit said...

Trump should win North Carolina.

But nobody expects Trump to win Virginia, what with all their cheating and the fact that Trump effectively threatens their livelihoods and golden egg.

deborah said...

if she gets in, obama will pardon her 'for the sake of the nation.' he just might pardon assange, too.

chickelit said...

Chip, are you old enough to recall this?

rcocean said...

Trump said "the fix was in" and that Hillary is a "protected" person. He was right.

If she's elected Ryan and McConnell won't do anything about it anyway, so its no big loss.

rcocean said...

"It's not the NeverTrumpers who might cost Trump the election, although I know you need to believe that. The NeverTrumpers are small numbers, convincing nobody. It's not them stopping people from voting for Trump."

No, they WILL Be responsible. Along with creeps like Ryan, Romney, McCain, and McConnell who instead of pitching in and supporting Trump and trashing Hillary they tried to stab Trump in the back every chance they got.

rcocean said...

Any one who votes for Hillary or refused to support Trump is responsible for Hillary and all she does once elected.

Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

rcocean, unfortunately there are a lot of them.

Chip Ahoy said...

chickelit, no, I didn't know about that, but it's funny.

I had this routine I'd do to amuse my friends that referenced "Hooked on Phonics"

I'd pronounce all the silent letters to common word kuh-nife, kuh-night, iz-land, wuh-hite, Puh-hoenix, telepuhone, and so forth. Then reveal I owe all that I know from Hooked on Puh-honics. Except I found the book and it was incomplete, and I didn't find the record that came with it.

And that routine was derived from not understanding what my deaf friends were spelling. I actually did receive fingerspelling phonetically, sounding it out in my head as they went along. So it actually does come out tele p hone

The ones that kept screwing me up were things like St. Bernard, the "stb" combination doesn't sound right.

and neither does "Bernard St." the "ardst" would fuck me up. Phonics isn't all it's cracked up to be, very frustrating in sign and hilarious in English.

My brother picked up on my joke right away and returned my silliness, and it really is funny when two people talk like that. My dad was in the back seat listening to us goofing around. "What are you two boys doing? Jesus Christ." He was put off by our being so stupid. But then he caught on and started doing it too, and then it became truly hilarious, hearing the old man being a nutter just for the hell of it.

Methadras said...

What's it feel like to have so many knives sticking out your collective backs?

edutcher said...

chickelit said...

But nobody expects Trump to win Virginia, what with all their cheating and the fact that Trump effectively threatens their livelihoods and golden egg.

Supposedly he's up there and every map I've seen has VA red.

We'll see.

McAuliffe has pardoned 60,000 felons to vote for the Beast (birds and all), but that should goose turnout on the other side.