Monday, November 7, 2016

Two days before voting, Trump's schedule

Comments on YouTube are positive. A few people notice the drummer breaks a stick.

I just now realized Trump is spelled backwards on the plane. I flipped it without flipping the name back. 

One of my sister's sons is keenly intelligent. And a talented artist too. 

One day I was bouncing him on my knee and pretending he's riding a horse and I stopped. He looked at me straight in the eyes and asked, "So tell me, Uncle Bo, have you read any interesting books lately?" 

I thought, "What an odd thing for five year old to ask." 

I said, "Sure. Have you?"

He told me about the books that he likes. The kind with alternate endings. At a crucial point, the reader decides how the character chooses and that determines the course of events. 

I told him that would drive me nuts because I'd be left wondering how the other choice work out. 

He said, "Yeah, that's why I read the whole thing." 

He's my favorite. Frankly. Because he's always been his own person. He has absurd traits but he's unaffected by criticism. I respect that. 

When he was very young we were all watching television when a ballerina appeared onscreen. He leapt from his seat to the center of the room and imitated her movements. He kept one eye on her and copied. He imitated her form very well. I was impressed by how he made his skinny little body conform without any training at all. Just copying what he saw. He actually went on pointe and held his arms over his head the way she did. He was spot on. I marveled. 

My mother was appalled. She didn't like seeing him imitating a female dancer. I thought he was hilarious. And good. She said directly to me as if he wasn't even in the room, "Look at him." Disgusted.


 "Dancing like a little girl!" Turning to him now, she said, "I'm going to put little girl clothes on you." 

I was getting ready to argue with my mother to get her off the kid's back, to stop being so critical, and to appreciate his brilliant form. It was outstanding especially for a silly little kid.

But right then he stopped, landing squarely on his feet and stared down my mother, putting his hand on his hips he leaned forward and snapped back at her, "I'm going to put little boy clothes on you and see how you like it!"

And I marveled all over again. This kid didn't need my help one bit. He can take care of himself just fine.

He did very well in college. But my sister is overly indulgent. I honestly don't think he's ever worked a day in his life. I'm not sure. My sister asked me to help her convince him to look for some kind job, to use his education, to strike out on some line of career, but what can I do when she and her husband indulged him his entire life? They've made things so comfortable he doesn't have to. 

Nevertheless, I like him a lot. And I respect his thinking. I respect his opinions. 

I asked who he intends to vote for, and why. Just to see how his thinking goes. Without interfering with his choices. And this is what he wrote back. If you care to see an example of how thoughtful young people out there think. 

subject: vote

Who are you going to vote for? What is your thinking? 

I’m interested in knowing what you see as important. I’m interested in your opinions.

He wrote back promptly.

Re: vote

I've actually voted already.  I applied for the absentee ballot in order to have more time to make my decisions for candidates I may have never heard about before.  It worked out really well because we have a page full of judges up for retaining their positions, and I could look up a lawyers' poll of their job performance online.

When it came to the presidential election, I voted for Clinton.

While both candidates are not what I would consider stellar examples of a moral compass, Trump's degradation of women and foreigners really does not sit well with me.  His public persona is too polarizing to unite an already fractious congress and senate.  I also worry about our foreign relations if he were elected.  NAFTA would be shaken by the wall he wants to build.  To make a long story short, I have not liked him since his feud with Rosie O'Donnell, and he has yet to do anything to improve my opinion of him.

Clinton, on the other hand, at least has years of experience in the political game. She has a better chance of continuing and improving some of the changes made since Obama was elected.  Bill will also be an asset if she is elected, especially when it comes to diplomatic relations with other countries.

No matter who wins though, I have a feeling that either one will have an up-hill battle to get anything groundbreaking accomplished.  Our elected officials seem to be too ready to not work across party lines, and act like children when they do not get their way.  At least that's my two cents on the subject.


It appears he gets his information from media. 


rcommal said...

"When it came to the presidential election, I voted for Clinton."

There ain't no easy anymore, and that's been so for decades.

I am steadfast at leaving blank the top-of-the-ticket part of the ballot that I'll be filling out in person, come Tuesday.

I will respect all of those who vote in good faith AND respect that I do.

AllenS said...

Trump drew an exceptionally large crowd yesterday in the Twin Cities. HUGE!

ndspinelli said...

Allen, My daughter was going to go to that rally. She has already voted for Trump. She also believes there is a silent majority, or close to a majority, in MN.

deborah said...

lol great graphic...not switching the name makes it funnier i think.

edutcher said...

The Beast will only do one event today.

What vigor. /sarc

Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

AllenS: shouldn't it be YUGE?

AllenS said...

Yeah, you're right. I'm not a good speller.