Monday, August 15, 2016

Trump in CT.

Connecticut is pure blue. So I understand. Republican party is afterthought there. So I'm told. Trump was criticized, he says so, for even campaigning there for it being considered a waste of time and resources.

I'm curious. Do you follow his rallies? For some odd reason I find them addictive. They are the one bright spot in this whole miserable season. I find myself laughing out loud by myself here at home usually three or four times by something he says, something audacious, or merely by his style. I think the people who attend his rallies are tickled as I am. He really is entertaining.

At Connecticut he begins by introducing a young man who made contact through Make A Wish Foundation. Trump jokes on himself saying, "We have a problem. He's smart, I think he could have done better." (make a better wish than seeing Trump) Trump says, "Look at him. When he comes up here you'll see, he looks like a movie star. He's in remission now. He looks great. His whole family looks great. Get up here Jockamo," (Jock-a-mō, what a handle) The lad said he wanted to meet Trump, and there he is.

Jockamo hardly says anything at all, that he supports Trump, but you can tell it's the thrill of his life. His family is on, then off. It's very short.

If you choose to see for yourself, notice he really is a good looking lad. I noticed right off that the suit Jockamo is wearing is tailored more finely than anything I ever owned. In fact, it matches exactly the suit Trump is wearing himself. And he is the only person in his family dressed up.

This makes me suspect that there is much more to the Make A Wish fulfillment than appearing onstage at Connecticut. I'll bet $10.00 (eh, I'm not a betting person, maybe I should make it $100.00 or $1,000.00) that Trump had his own personal tailor fit Jockomo for a suit. And probably a tour of his plane. I don't know. See for yourself.

By comparison, I noticed also, in another of the Graydon Parrish videos that he is wearing a suit, and his suit doesn't fit nearly as well, it wrinkles in the back and doesn't hang nearly so well and the materials are not as high quality. All this is apparent on my tiny laptop.

The rally in Connecticut is excellent. I notice Trump doing a lot more repetition. He says his line, then repeats the line more softly. It's a technique of rhetorical conduplicatio that for him is very effective. His audience accepts it as part of his schtick. He traduces the media, takes note of their doings, he points out when they turn off their cameras and chides them throughout. If you were part of the media covering him then you'd become angry at having to even be there subjected to his abuse. The audience roars its approval. He reiterates that more people are outside than allowed inside to see him. He asks the crowd, "Anyone here care to give up their place so some others can come inside?" "No!' The audience roars back. They waited for hours in sweltering heat just to be there.

Thankfully, this is the first rally I noticed Trump not wearing the requisite plain red tie. Also, I was surprised he doing this on a Saturday. I understood he takes weekends off from his rallies. Maybe it's only Sunday that he gives it a rest.

The video I watched lost its feed near the end so I switched to another. That too was cut off at the same place so I tried another, then another. I don't understand why nor how all of them lost contact but it hardly mattered. The bulk got through and they're pretty much all the same material restated with current issues inserted here and there.

Trump rally Fairfield Connecticut.


edutcher said...

Trump is big on stuff like that.

Good Guy. Mensch.

And a good crowd in 100 degree heat.

ricpic said...

I put down the intense hatred of Trump to snobbism pure and simple. He's too spontaneous for the buttoned down set. The buttoned down set which lives its whole life in the terror that it will act spontaneously and give the game away. In short his spontaneity terrifies those shits.

edutcher said...

Rodney Dangerfield in "Caddyshack"

Chip Ahoy said...

Parts of his behavior remind me of friends. I think that's why I laugh so much when watching. He's almost like an amalgamation of recognizable traits that I still do see in very successful salesmen. Personable, bullshitting, fractured sentences, he leaves blank spaces he expects you to fill in yourself. Leaves it to you to decode. He speaks assuming you're with him. Makes outrageous remarks then immediately tweaks them with minor adjustment, asides, related points. And he drills hard with the best of them. The persona he projects, the character he's playing, is a construct for this rally situation and that differs from the character projected for his reality show, stoic unapproachable demigod behind a broad desk. And different from what must be his family character. We all play various roles various way, adjusting our communication style for the situation, for our parents, our spouses or significant others, for work, I assume we all do. Trump's rally character is truly fascinating.

Chip Ahoy said...

Ew, good one. Very good comparison there.

Trooper York said...

I think Chip is on to something.

Trump is not following the blueprint. He is not listening to people like Karl Rove who want him to lose. Why would he listen to anything Karl Rove or Rick Wilson or Megyn Kelly or Gwen Ifill or Bill Kristol has to say. They are desperate for him to lose.

Trump has to be Trump. It all hings on the debate. There was a recent article about how most recent Presidential Elections hinged on the debates. Sweaty Nixon vs. Tanned Rested Kennedy.
Fumbling Russia does not dominate Europe Gerald Ford vs. Carter. There you go again Reagan vs. Carter. I don't want the death penalty for the guy who murdered my pill popping wife. Looking at my watch bored Bush vs. I feel your pain Clinton. Relaxed W vs. Mr. Roboto Al Gore. Mitt the stiff vs. Obama and his girlfriend Candy.

The debates will tell the tale. The uninformed voter will check it out. Trump is made for debates. He is entertaining. He will keep repeating simple phrases and simple answers that will appeal to normal people. Hillary will freeze up. She will sound like your mother in Law. If she doesn't have a stroke right on the stage. What if she goes off camera during a break and doesn't come back for half and hour because they have to put in new batteries?

All the rest. GOTV. Ads on cable. Consultants. All bullshit. It is a new padigam. You can't expect dinosaurs like Rove to understand that. Tweets and Instagram and the reaction that engenders is the new way to do things.

edutcher said...

I do believe that's the plan, but what if no debates, for whatever reason?

Just askin'?

I'm sure they have a backup, but i'd love to know what it was.

Trooper York said...

There will be a debate. Unless Hillary cancels. Which is possible for health reasons. But if she tries to cancel some of the media attacks will shift to Hillary. Because the media has self interest too. As much as they want Hillary to win they still want ratings and the juice that a debate will bring. They all seem pretty confident that Hillary will destroy him. I think Hillary feels the same way. The more they pump her up the more confident she will get. So there will be at least one debate. If Trump wins big in the debate then she will back out of the rest. But I am pretty confident that she will do one for sure. That is all it will take.

There was only one debate between Carter and Reagan.

Amartel said...

America is still asleep. You do a lot of sleeping when you're depressed. Or stoned. Or drunk. Or otherwise delusional. Or just dead tired from working all the time.
Will enough people wake up in time for the election? With the dawning realization that they're not immune from reality and happyfuntime is about to officially be over after King Putt packs up his playlist and hip hops on down the road, will they just roll over and go back to sleep?
I turned on the news twice over the weekend. On one occasion, Fareed Whataliar worked three separate prefatory lies into one question. Impressive! Click. Also saw Chris Wallace interviewing Pence on Fox News Sunday. Pence was truly impressive; very smooth and very clever. Wallace kept pushing the "Trump said Obama was the head of ISIS" thing, over and over and over, and Pence never took the bait to discuss Trump. He used the opportunity to discuss how Obama and Clinton created the void which ISIS filled. Wallace looked really stupid by comparison, hanging on for dear life to the literal reading of Trump's statement.

Sixty Grit said...

It is natural for Chris Wallace to look stupid - he is stupid.

ndspinelli said...

CT. is where I grew up. It is eclectic. They often will elect Rep. governors and a few Rep Congressmen. I don't know the current makeup, I'm talking since the 70's. The Democrats are normally not far left. Joe Lieberman is a good example. The Rep are not that far right, Lowell Weicker for instance. When most people think of CT. they think of the tony suburbs of NYC. However, there are many ethnic, blue collar cities and towns. I grew up in one, Bristol. Now famous for ESPN. However, Bristol was a big factory town. They had a huge GM plant that made parts[mostly ball bearings] for GM. This was when GM actually owned many of their suppliers to the assembly plants. This plant [New Departure Bearings] went out of biz about 25 years ago. There was also Ingraham Clock. Your parents and grandparents probably had one or more of their clocks. In nearby Thomaston, was Seth Thomas clocks. These clock factories were able to survive foreign competition by also making timing devices for bombs, grenades, etc. WW2 thru Viet Nam. Those plants are gone now as well.

These ethnic, blue collar voters went w/ Reagan in 1980/84 and Bush in 1988, turning CT. red those 3 elections. The Spinelli house was split. My old man was hardcore Dem although he felt abandoned by them. My mom went w/ Reagan, Bush, and W as well. I still have a lot of family back there and some are Trump, although they are moderate Dems. The Mexican issue is not big in CT. The Muslim not so big either. It's economics and TPP that steers them toward Trump. He might be able to turn CT. red w/ his proximity to CT being the deciding factor. However, I wouldn't spend too much time and effort. It's only 7 electoral votes.

Chip Ahoy said...

I just now saw Jake Trapper arguing with Manafort.

I had to look up Manafort to see he's lobbyist who was active in previous Republican campaigns.

Trapper interrupts to say, "Now hold on, Trump was adjusting until he set his A2 supporters to 'take care of Hillary' and Manafort had to correct him on that.

I'm sitting here thinking, Goddamnit Trapper, you're doing it again. It is the Left who entertains eliminationist rhetoric, not nearly so much as the right. It is the Left with the crackpots that kill presidents, if I have my American history sorted, not the right, so it's understandable that the Left sees elimination rhetoric where the right understands elimination by voting. It is the Left with bugs up their asses about guns, not the law abiding conservative Right. I clicked off because I just can't stand listening to dummkopfs anymore. So why should I?

But before that Manafort said, "Look, you keep saying Trump isn't behaving as usual, as expected, according to plan, and you interpret that as not really caring to win, while Trump IS active in critical states. He IS active on the ground in the places where things count and can change.

He's not fitting their comfortable and lazy template of how politicians win and loose so all that Trump does confounds them. Like how he spends and doesn't spend money. Nothing process for them, and instead of sitting back and observing in awestruck wonder they speak to their lazy ass templates that don't work anymore. Because speak they must. It's their job, and being thick and slow on the uptake they simply cannot understand what they're seeing.

Oddly enough the artist Parrish explained the same thing. He too is amusing by acknowledging his $10.00 cocktail vocabulary. Everyone laughs when explains the words that he uses to describe his thinking. The blindfolds mean you cannot understand history when you are in it. It takes retrospection to understand history. It takes time to pass and look back. When you're in it, there is no way to process, unless things fit a recognized pattern. In the painting the old man on the far right does understand, (he says that model was delightful old man with bright open eyes) thus the title and the infinity symbol that's broken, there is no way for the old man to impart his wisdom to the blindfolded child. The child must learn it all over again for himself. The old man saw all the terrorism and tragedy before. He understands things, while nobody else in the painting does. They weep unconsolably and broken holding onto each other trying to grasp what just happened.

Trump is much like the old man in the painting. He's seen all this nonsense before. He knows how people behave. He knows how he can take things to the brink and bring people to his way, to his own benefit.

We will have retrospect. This is history in the making. We're in it. Again. We're processing. Trump has it figured already. He's busting a move on Connecticut against all present day received wisdom. He's already shown he can actually change the way that things work. And the crowds appear to prove his point.

(I'm worried about that because a lot of things attract that kind of crowd, even larger, and do it on a regular bases. You should have seen the crowd at the Michael Jackson concert. It would blow your mind that many people will pay that high a price for a ticket. Televangelists do the same thing. So it's really not proof of anything except that people are presently interested. It doesn't mean that he'll actually win)

It's fascinating to behold. And I'm glad I'm not member of any smelly ass political party or else my mind would be closed as Trapper's mind too.

Absolutely everyone has advice for Trump. Everyone. And everyone giving it is dumber than Trump is. Lower on the rungs of life's achievements. Trump does things. The rest of us watch him.

Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

Trump's Youngstown speech was really really YUGE. Terrific. Great speech.

Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

They have three scheduled. Frankly I think Trump could use all three, but one good one would be enough. Pump Hillary up (she actually can debate well only because she is a shameless liar that the media does not correct).

You know what would be devastating: A calm, amiable Trump (Ala Reagan), cooling dismissing her lies and explaining what he would do to make America Great Again.

Of course he can't be Reagan, he has to be Trump. But be a Trump she does not expect.

edutcher said...

All that has to happen is that he corners her and makes her answer. If she seizes - and it's quite possible, anything she doesn't expect seems to trigger it - it's over.

One or three, it makes no difference.

Reagan did it with one line at the end.

It's what resonates with people.

ndspinelli said...

The dirty pranksters need to have people w/ strobe lights following Hillary around. Strobe lights set off seizures.

Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

Troop, you are absolutely wrong and right about GOTV.

GOTV works, which is why Democrats use it (if only they used other things that work...say like Capitalism). GOTV is just digital marketing focused on those you want to get out to vote.

Romney tried it and failed miserably. That is because he paid millions to consultants who either didn't know what they were doing or were stealing from him.

Trump has no time to do GOTV now, so he might as well save that money for something more effective and rely on the GOP to do what it can.

edutcher said...

Regarding debates, take a look at which polls will be used to qualify,
ABC-Wasington Post = George Stephanopoulos and Jeff Bezos
CBS-New York Times = David Rhodes / Carlos Slim
CNN-ORC = Turner Broadcasting (Clinton News Network)
Fox News = Daron Shaw (Shaw Research and Associates) / Murdoch, Salmon
NBC/WSJ = Mark Murray (Pollster) and Rupert Murdoch

How honest do we think they are?

rcocean said...

I don't think Hillary will cancel. i think she wants the debates because she knows her MSM buddies will be on her side. Look for lots of "Mr. Trump the NYT/WaPo/WSJ stated you said [insert paraphrase of a Trump statement that makes him look evil, stupid, bigoted, or crazy], how can you defend that"?

And no doubt they will jump to "fact check" him at every opportunity.