Sunday, August 14, 2016

Marilyn's Diary

It was hard to make ends meet when you are a Munster. Well it was easy for Uncle Herman to get hard when he met my end but that is not what I am talking about. You see we had to find ways to make money.

Uncle Herman couldn't hold down a job. He tried a lot of things. Baseball player. Musician. Undertaker. But nobody really wanted to hire a seven foot tall green man with bolt in his neck. Unless you need a Secretary of State. So his employment options were limited.

Aunt Lily couldn't really work because she was a succubus and really couldn't go out in the light. It was her vampire blood on Grandpa's side of the family. Of course Grandpa sucked so he couldn't get a job. In fact sucking was his job. But sucking on Mexican busboys did not pay the bills.

I got a part time job as an underwear model but that didn't go far in paying the bills.  So Uncle Herman had to find a way to make some money.

He met this German guy who had an idea. No it didn't have anything to do with the Jews. No this guy was so cheap he could have been Jewish. He wanted to set up a car service to drive people around who didn't have a car. They could share rides and cut down the cost. It was all done on the telephone. Aunt Lily would take the call and send out a bill every month. If they didn't pay then Uncle Herman would collect and of course they would pay up. Uncle Herman also was pressed into service as the driver every so often. But mostly he did collection. It was a sweet little deal but it all fell about when Uncle  Herman moved  away. I often wondered what happened to Mr. Uber and his ideas.

I guess I will  never know.

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