Friday, January 29, 2016

Political survey by former Rep. John LeBoutillier (R-N.Y.) The Hill

LeBoutillier wrote his summation of the political landscape that I found particularly irritating for it being so late. So behind. It sounded to me while reading it like a Republican version of VOX, the explainers, laying it all out in bullet points as if each one is unique insight and never brought together like this while in fact each one is already discussed at length often across several posts right here. Thanks, Late Guy, for the review.

But before that, a few new things not included that contribute to his case. Last night on CNN Anderson Cooper said of Iowa a few times "this is the center of the political universe" in front of a screen split four ways, one with Hillary and another with Bill Clinton.

Not mentioned is Bill is not drawing the crowd he once did even up to recently, and Hillary's crowds have shrunk as well. While Chelsea is reported hosting her own separate fundraising, an attempt that was later reported a blow out.

Slowest guy in the class explains things here, at this late juncture 27 utterly vapid points incredibly late to realization. It's actually funny. Read it and have a good mock.

Apologies for slipping in between two scheduled posts, but it's minor.


Can Of Cheese for Hunter said...
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Can Of Cheese for Hunter said...

Count me as slower.

I thought his points were spot on.

Can Of Cheese for Hunter said...

It may be entertaining, but it doesn’t have a lick of impact on how you live,” Mr. Clinton said, emphasizing those last three words and pausing between each one.

Bask in the brilliance.

How you live = Ignoring Clinton crimes and finding the golden path to food stamps.

Chip Ahoy said...

I actually hesitated writing it this way. And you called me out on it, so I feel I must defend. Here goes:

The man is congressman supposedly with supremely unique insights but he gives us none. His presentation is superficial although broad.

It's like cornering a congressman at a cocktail party and having him all to yourself and he goes, "This election cycle is different. People are really angry."

We've been wailing on anti-dynastic politics for being unAmerican since kicking out Udall over the issue of gun control.

[He is too early to mention Bush at the debate talking about immigration and pleading and bobbling his head as he does saying repeatedly he worked hard to reach compromise and consensus. That is, committed to another 30 years of perennial political disruption.]

No explanation below surface recognition of anger about precisely what. No mention of distrust of weaponized and unaccountable government. No bullet points even for the things that we did discuss right here, not just all over the places where we hang out.

* Government agency releasing personal information of all government employees. This alone would have kept every Republican from high office for decades. An unforgivable breach. Dangerous incompetence at the highest level and the greatest possible self-inflicted damage.

* Poisoning picturesque Colorado stream with millions of gallons of arsenic turning the waterway mustard yellow.

* No mention at all of complete lack of representation in Washington. None.

* No mention of the latest major budget related effrontery and disappointment in the new speaker.

* No mention of unconstitutional presidential power unchecked and distressed balance of institutional power by cowered congress.

* No mention of Supreme Court betrayal.

For just a few of the sub superficial things one could expect to flesh out a congressman's observations. But no.

Were this a crossword puzzle, it would be all easy answers. Nothing insightful such as we expect from someone so uniquely positioned to know things we don't usually encounter. Something unique.

It is the exact same feeling as my dad asking me for puzzle answers and I know he cannot be having trouble with those, "C'mon, Dad, ask me the hard ones."

And everyone in the room goes, "Nooooooooo!" Mum's family was visiting, they were all draped over the furniture and they were not part of my dad's inquiry. He was talking to me and I didn't realize they were all paying attention and silently playing along. They wanted the easy questions. Like filling out a medical form. That is what this congressman is like.

Can Of Cheese for Hunter said...
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ricpic said...

I don't quite get what you're mocking in Boutillier's point by point analysis of where we are. I would only add that the PC balloon has been punctured by - guess who? - Trump - just one of his many services - and will never again be effective as a tool to chasten the "incorrect."

Can Of Cheese for Hunter said...

I found it satisfying. The Clinton corruption machine escapes all accountability and someone made a nice list to notify everyone it could be the end of the road for the Clinton crime family. Finally.
It was a Clinton specific read to be sure, without any mention of other gripes. I'm Ok with that. The hack MSM would never admit such truths about their protected royalty class.