Sunday, January 24, 2016

Bob Dylan cover: Don't Think Twice

h/t: William


Lem said...

Nice. You only live twice.

chickelit said...

I tell you Lem, I am -><- close to quitting Twitter. I just wanted to edit my lists and ended up deleting them.

Why does Twitter always have to change and make things harder for old codgers?

chickelit said...

It's like my connection to iTunes: I updated my iTunes on my iPhone once too many times and exceeded the updatable versions of iTunes on my laptop. So they no longer communicate. I went to the AppleStote and they told me "sorry Charlie, your laptop is too old" you will need to buy a new laptop.

I say FUCK YOU Apple. I haven't really liked you since Jobs died anyways. Hope you die soon or at least get some new leadership!

Lem said...

I've reached my goal of parity on Twitter. I have as many followers as I follow myself.

Lem said...

Funny thing on Twitter. Some of the fierce Trump supporters and Trump detractors do not seem to go at each other. It's like they have an unspoken truce. I think that's a good thing.

Leland said...

I updated my iTunes on my iPhone once too many times

Yes. Apple decided my original iPad no longer needed to support long ago, which is fine by me. Except they forced App developers to upgrade to their new iOS, despite Apps I owned working just fine on the iPad's older iOS. And then Apple demands that you update the Apps, but doesn't tell you until afterwards that the Apps will only work with the new iOS that they won't provide you.

Oh, and supposedly Microsoft is the company acting like a monopoly.

Dust Bunny Queen said...

It isn't just Apple or Microsoft that is making digital life a nightmare.

I use Quickbooks Pro for our business. Last year I get the message that the version that I am using will no longer be able to download from bank accounts. Can't import transactions such as ATM, automatic debits, checks, deposits. This is a big deal because that is how I quickly and not manually add some transactions to the register and balance and verify other transactions. Many many transactions are by debit card especially gasoline purchases. When you have 5 thirsty work trucks, that number of entries can really add up.

So.....Ok.....I buy a new version of the program at over $200 bucks. Go to put it on my work computer and it can't be installed because my operating system is too old. Fine. I knew it was old. It is JUST a computer for work, accounting, spreadsheets, a bit of correspondence and some business related emails. FINE---> Now I get to buy a new computer at $600. I don't want a laptop or tablet there or use a touch screen. Just a workhorse computer. The new computer is Windows 8 which sucks!

THEN......the machine doesn't come with any word processing or email programs and my version of MS Office is too old and won't install. Too many installations. SO....FINE FINE FINE!!!!! Now I need to get MS need to basically rent the program on an annual basis. $80 GREAT.....the only good thing is that it can go onto up to 5 machines. I get to install everywhere.

SO>>>>>>> I rent the program. And while I'm at it, I might as well get a new monitor for upstairs office and a better wireless printer. AND new ink cartridges Ka-ching!!!....another. $600 or so bucks.

O HELL.....might as well get the hubby a new laptop too since his was about 5 years old and who knows what other things won't work on it. It will soon be obsolete as well. RATCHET up another $650 Plus his laptop also came with Windows 8, which still sucks. He doesn't do well with technological change and I get to spend some real quality time trying to tutor him on the new system and new office programs. Fun times.....where's the scotch.

THEN...I get the fun of configuring all these new computers, wireless devices to the router and wifi network set-up along with the signal booster for the wifi in the shop office and also make sure the whole bunch communicates with each other and will print wirelessly.

About a grand into the upgrade and a whole lot of headaches. Thanks Quickbooks and Microsoft.

Now I'm being nagged daily to upgrade all the computers to Windows 10. SHUT UP!!!!

I'm getting too old for this sh*t.

AllenS said...

Windows 10 sucks.

Dust Bunny Queen said...

Also...I forgot. Had to transfer the virus program to the new computers. Since I still have over a year and half of contract remaining. And reinstall the malware programs. AND back up all documents, emails pertaining to the business as well as personal data and other items to transfer to the new computers.

Plus....moving my music library to a new version of I-tunes on the work computer so I can rock out while I'm doing accounting and billing.


Chip Ahoy said...

My Mac Air stopped doing "find" on Instapundit. It'd say there are five matches but not take me to it. Frustrating because Instapundit does refresh to boost his page counts, to count people who hang there all day, but it's a bitch because it refreshes as you are reading.

I open Disk Utility to fix permissions and repair the disk. It's an easy fix.

Disk Utility says "reinstall your operating system"

I did. There is no wire connection. The computer uses wifi to update its own files then reinstalls. A few ways to go about it, a few steps to get going and the computer fixes itself with an updated operating system that the hardware can manage. Now I have Mountain Lion

I always like mountain lions for some reason. Maybe its my totem or something. I don' know. The first bit of expensive jewelry I bought is a ring of a mountain lion climbing around rocks. I bought it when I was 18. I don't know why I wanted it, but I wore it everywhere. Wanna see it? Huh? Huh? Wanna see it? Beg me. Okay. The photos in front and back of this are the same ring.

And now everything is different.

But the worst is Android Galaxy 6. What a load of nonsense topping off a pile of utter time-gobbling attention-hogging nonsense.

You must become phone engineer just to cop with the goddamn thing and I mean it.

You must have your laptop handy and ask it every single question and ask it just so, because EVERYBODY has the same questions.

How do you get it to stop doing this, how to stop doing that, how to make it cease annoying you, how to stop notifications, how to stop application jackassery, how to shutoff preinstalls, how to contact Comcast and tell them to get off your ass, you're tying to learn your phone and remove the charge they slapped on because they detected your presence in the universe.

Goes like this: [galaxy 6, how do I bitchslap the individual who thinks its a clever punk on million of buyers to make the theme image look like broken screen glass?] So that everyone's phone looks like its screen is broken. That is one stupid corporate decision right there, that is European humor right there, pardon me for not laughing and instead scoffing at your expensive childish impishness.

deborah said...

Love my Cash, but this rendition doesn't do it for me...and why does he change the lyrics from 'I wish there was something you could do or say to make me change my mind and stay,' to 'something I could do or say'?

chickelit said...

@deborah: Maybe Cash was uncomfortable with the subjunctive mood?

deborah said...


Anyway I never thought the line fit the mood of the song anyway. Dude is leaving, she having wasted his precious time. He's ready to get on the bus, Gus.

chickelit said...


I meant that "I wish there was something you could do or say to make me change my mind and stay" sounds more hypothetical and contrary-to-fact than "something I could do or say" sounds.

I've been reading about the subjunctive mood. I want to write about the subjunctive mood. But I'm afraid that no one is in the mood for it.

deborah said...

Thanks. I'd like to read about subjunctive mood. Never much got them thar intransitive verbs, etc. At least I know what a prepositional phrase is and can use a semi-colon properly...

Meade said...
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