Wednesday, January 27, 2016

A tale of two tapes:

Teen Cruz vs. Terror-Coddler Obama, is how Michelle Malkin titles her post, presently front page on her site, that contrasts media's two conflicting obsessions, that are not conflicting when viewed as politically motivated and not journalistically motivated.

It is a familiar complaint rehashed with a new example of Ted Cruz bragging as a teen about world domination that supporters find cute and detractors find terrible.

This is Michelle Malkin's concluding paragraph:
This is transparency, liberal media-style: Teen Cruz video goes viral. Terror-coddler Obama video gets deep-sixed. As always, selective media coverage of our politicians’ pasts reveals more than it conceals. 
After all that, I think she intended the reverse, conceals more than reveals.

Or reveals even more about themselves by what it conceals when contrasted with what it chooses to reveal, but that summation is insufficiently pithy.


rhhardin said...

I go with "each one better than the next" and "fills a much-needed gap."

deborah said...

The Cruz vid is adorable.