Tuesday, January 26, 2016


The sphere that we're on rotates into the sun from darkness but our backs are to it while we watch the moon instead move the opposite direction away from us double speed by our rotation and by its own orbit around us. We pick up with the moon seen as a hole shot through a blue screen dropping into a purple band and blend into light.

Incidentally, this file of 1.59MB is hosted on three places. The two usual places and here. Isn't that digitally wasteful? Or not? I don't know. 


rhhardin said...

The moon goes the same way the earth rotates, so is setting slower than the sun is rising.

It takes more than a day to get back to the moon. It adds up to another day once every major mood swing.

deborah said...

Oh I'll give you a mood swing, Alice.

deborah said...

Wow Chip, that may be the most striking one yet. And please stop wasting cyberspace, we have a global warming crisis on our hands.

ampersand said...

Moon Roof fail, or when Harley Earl jumped the shark

Amartel said...

A moment of silence, please.
Abe Vigoda. RIP.

Chip Ahoy said...

The moon's orbit is the same as our rotation? Really? It's actually seems doubly slowly and not double pace? Well, learn something new everyday. Thank you for that.

Uh, I was actually just testing and you passed. Uh, yeah, that's it. This was a pop quiz. About finding the wrong thing. But if I announced it then everyone would know. Yeah, that's it. A secret pop quiz. "A" for you.