Saturday, January 23, 2016

When Should a Crime Not Be A Crime?

Related... "The Law sufficiently advanced is often indistinguishable from lawlessness."


bagoh20 said...

It is a constant fear and concern when you have a business that you can at any time be hauled into court and have your assets seized or you business destroyed and your employees put out of work by some government agency charging you with violating some law you had no idea about. It is entirely impossible to know if you are breaking one of the 1000 - 1200 new laws they pass every year in California. It is also true for individuals, but business is actually considered an enemy by most government agencies, or at least a kind of milk-able wild animal that you need to keep in a cage, but it's the animal building the cage that's really the dangerous one willing to hurt people for reasons of ideology or personal career advancement. I probably receive notification on a weekly basis of some law I'm not in compliance with requiring work, forms filled out, and fees paid. Inspectors from increasing obscure agencies show up regularly to inspect things, require changes, paperwork, and spending, with little other concern than getting the papers signed and fees paid. It's a malignant cancer with cruel effects on working people.

virgil xenophon said...

Were I to magically be made El Cid/Maximum Leader of this fair nation my very first Supreme Court appointee would be the good Judge. He has long been a favorite of mine for all the attributes this vid reveals..