Saturday, January 30, 2016

Nikon awards prize to badly shopped photo, hilarity ensues

So say headlines that appear in results for browser search [nikon, photo contest, photoshop]

A fellow was walking around San Francisco and looked up into a ladder with a protective railing and thought, "needs something" and photoshopped an airplane and passed it off as authentic, verifying in comments when asked how long he waited for an airplane to pass over just the right spot, he answers, "I did not wait very long."

Hilarity, eh, if you say so. People then photoshopped  other things, mostly Star Wars things into the space where he put an airplane's underside shadow.

The fellow was awarded a Nikon branded trolley bag.

Everyone wants a trolley bag emblazoned NIKON to have rotating around airport baggage carousels.

To load up with Nikon equipment and advertise it as such. To bring attention to itself as something valuable possibly worth having.


bagoh20 said...

I live right up against LA international. My Jacuzzi has a perfect view of every takeoff and landing. You want strategically place airplane shots? I got 'em. NSFW

Stop looking around for the link. We don't know each other that well.

deborah said...

The most clever one is in the comments:

"It just so happened there was a space-time-wibbly-wobbly event as I was photoshopping this image and Neil Degrasse Tyson appeared..."