Sunday, January 24, 2016

Policeman in Gainesville behaves perfectly normally, video goes viral with 9 million views

 Twitchy reports the NBC version has the high number of views. This version is from YouTube with less views than that.

Color me underwhelmed. The guy take a few shots and tells them to hold it down. There is no good reason for this video to be viral, but there you go. How odd, a police officer behaving as a normal human being. 

When the kids see the policeman shoot they come out of the woodwork. It's cute. Adorable, actually. The original complaint was about all those kids making noise but we see only two, then boom, the whole area is full of them. They split when the cops came and watched, then came out when they saw it was safe.

So odd, so remarkable that Shaq O'Neil visits the place to congratulate the officer and relive this extraordinary moment with himself in it. How inspiring.

What the heck, he's got al day and his own plane, just go there and play, make it a celebrity healing thing for the whole nation, a healing of racial disunity. 

Eleven YouTube videos on this subject with search [gainesville, police, basketball] That's the extraordinary part, not the policeman interacting normally. 


Lem said...

Yea, I had the same reaction. This is probably 99 times out of 100. One of those 99 times a camera was rolling.

Maybe rolling is not exactly right.

Chip Ahoy said...

Lem, I'm in one hell of a time warp. I HAVE been keeping track. Each morning and evening, both times every day, I make a decision to record the sunrise/sunset, or not. Like right now I'm deciding. And they're dated. And yet, if anyone had asked this morning when I woke up, three times through the night, and still night, I would have guessed it is Friday. But the calendar says that it's Sunday.

Jesus Cristo, that's two whole days. And I was totally solid on Thursday.

Is it any wonder I'm so skinny?

It's all relative. But I'm beginning to understand my continuous state of starvation.

A gigantic pile of laundry is all cleaned up and put away. And I mean gigantic. A pile of clothes so big it dominates the room you could lose a dog in. Drop a pizza in that thing and you'll never find it. All tidy now and put away.

And I discovered the machine has excellent settings, you can tell it exactly what you are washing and how easy to go on it.

And I also discovered by running out of soap, just exactly how powerful that stuff is. I've been using WAY too much all along and so is everyone else.

All you people are there are using way too much soap. You can prove this to yourself by using the detergent for other things and seeing how little it takes to get the water super slippery. I meant it, that stuff will clean up the kitchen grease off your kitchen cabinets. It is excellent degreaser and a little goes a very long way.

Synova said...

I had a similar reaction, to the extent that I thought about it at all. But then, my expectations are that this is NORMAL. It's possible that in some places it is not, but even if it's normal everywhere there is still a thing going on in this country where it's cool to vilify law enforcement. It's understandable that a whole lot of people who view this as "normal" would want to boost the signal, and for those who are firmly in the "cops are evil" mindset it might well seem amazing and remarkable.

Chip Ahoy said...

It seems abnormal to others because they made such a bfd out of its opposite.

I cast back to kindergarden primers. The illustrations of the nice policeman helping the little children.

I got way lost and asked a rural police for the fastest way back. I didn't have license or registration or money or cards. I had everything but the essentials. The cop helped me very well. When I tell this to my friends they laugh at me and tell me I'm nuts. (They also arrange transportation for me so it has its upside.)

Another time I went to a party and found everyone already laughing. They were expecting me and one told a story of me answering "Yes" to a cop when asked, "Have you taken any drugs?" At the scene of an accident that I caused.

Medical drugs, it was important to the case. What was I gonna do, lie? It bore heavily on what occurred. The cops drove me home. (I had to get my license back but that's another story)

Lem, I want to mention to you, I've been listening to New Year's Day that you posted every day since then, that's 24 days so far.

I'm digging it for practice because it has some weird touches to it.

He goes, "Yeah."

Then nothing. Several musical phrases go by before the lyrics kick in. Plus another long gap.

He has "red," "black" and "white" in the same phrase. Very visually graphic that. You see the whole thing change color when you see the sign for it and it goes RED BLACK WHITE.

It's actually "blood red"

The sign for "blood" is two signs "red + circular system" or "red + drip from meat, drip from meat" weird, huh?

So, saying it precisely results in "red" being shown twice and I don't want that, so it's changed to "blood sky" and that perforce included the signal "red" no matter how it is said.

It's a cool song. The best on the album.

William said...

Sometimes cops act like overbearing jerks and more often they don't. I don't think this is such a huge exception to common practice, but it's good to see a feel good story about a working cop. The happy postscript was that next day he came back with Shaw O'Neill for a pick up game.