Friday, January 22, 2016

Hillary Clinton Drudge style

So it's come to this. Drudge publishes the most disturbing photograph available that shows how Drudge feels whenever Drudge see her, one that would be carefully avoided if possible. Hillary Clinton, Drudge style.

This photograph is both terrible and wonderful at the same time, technically photographically and as art.

Everything wrong at once as if planned by master technicians.  

* The lighting, right off, is the worst for this subject. A screen in front of the light source can cast interesting patterns such as window shades in film noir, and in other cases, shadow screen or not, the pattern of light and shadow falling on the subject can add to the interest, it can elevate the photography or it can be a disaster by falling on all the wrong places and creating unwanted contrasts where they are not helpful. Compare with an interesting example how shadows can contribute significantly:

That looks painted on (hairline). 

* Awkward pose. This was caught at a bad moment. It looks like her neck hurts.

* Bad expression. Again, snapped at the worst moment of all possible moments when teeth are displayed as a rodent and the shape of the mouth combines with her cheek lines and chin lines, it looks like Egyptian hieroglyphic V-26, a spool of netting twine, except hers has teeth in the middle. 

I drew this because I couldn't find a good one.
pronounced: 'ḏ "edge." 

* Bad makeup. She, her team, does much better than this every day. This makeup, along with the lighting, looks purposefully ghoulish like a dancer for a Michael Jackson Triller video. 

* Bad hair day. Right before touchup coloring. Her hair looks destroyed. Would make a good "before" picture for Wen hair products. You catch someone at the end of a busy day and this happens.

* Terrible, terrible wardrobe chosen for its sackcloth texture, fringe edged burlap chic. Brown wooden beads for necklace. Her stylist does this. She wears open weave fabric jackets  but this appears extreme in its down style. 

* Monotone coloration throughout, hair, face, and clothing as if all life has been used up and squeezed out and in dire need of blood and desperate for brains to gnaw on. A makeup artist could not have been more convincing without going overboard painting arrows with shadows on her face to the only thing left still working, the overlain upper and lower incisors. Monotone is not necessarily bad, most spray paint their whole face to even out blotches but this is terrible with natural and unnatural shadows adding grotesquely. 

This photograph is carefully chosen from hundreds similar for being the best of the worst, the most disturbing of all, for that reason good art and very mean spirited dirty politics.  


Can Of Cheese for Hunter said...

She looks evil and prehistoric. Not a winning combination.

AllenS said...

She represents the fossil generation.

AllenS said...

Hillary, I have a really good idea for you. Make a nice video ad for your followers. Get some music from the 60's and have you and Bill together hugging young people, no wait, that won't work.

MamaM said...


In a number of ways:

Dun (noun)
1. An almost neutral brownish gray to dull grayish brown.
2. A horse of this color.
3.a. A mayfly in its earliest adult stage.
b. An fishing fly that imitates such an insect

With the verb involving a debtor, importuning and payment in an off kilter arrangement with the Hill.

bagoh20 said...

I don't understand the modern desire to be famous? It's a brutal condition - pure torture.

Can Of Cheese for Hunter said...

wow. My day just changed radically.
At nine AM I'm going to help a search party look for my friend's missing 20 year old.
We start at Walker Ranch trial head.

Can Of Cheese for Hunter said...

trail (der)

bagoh20 said...

You mean in Placerita Canyon, CA? I've hiked it many times.

AllenS said...

Good luck, April.

Steg said...

Alluded to but never outright said- my first impression was a Walking Dead zombie.

That said, I find this picture to actually be the most palatable I've ever seen of her.


April, hope you find the kid!

ricpic said...

Nothing changes the fact that Americans, hopefully, are not going to vote en masse for an old dried up shrew.

Can Of Cheese for Hunter said...

Thanks, Allen S.
I had no idea what to expect. About 150 people showed up. We split into groups of 20-30 and were directed by guys who knew how to conduct a proper search. We stood in a line and spread out about 10' apart. (the goal) The terrain was so up and down that often we were more like 20-40 feet apart. We all had one partner and were told not to ever lose sight of the partner. Makes Sense. You don't want to lose someone else.

NO sign of him. We try again tomorrow.

Can Of Cheese for Hunter said...

and thank you, Steg.