Thursday, January 28, 2016

"Former TV Personality 'Mr. Wonder' Arrested After Nearly 4 Decades on Child Sex Abuse Charges"

Link to CNN coverage

Two photos of Frank Selas, also known as "Mr. Wonder"


Amartel said...

So often they end up in Cali. We're like some sort of weirdo-magnet.

ricpic said...

This just in: Mr. Rogers still on the loose!

Lem said...

I'm amazed by the ability to hide in plain sight.

In one of the reports says a guy saw him, years ago, recognized him in San Diego, selling encyclopedias, told the authorities, but nothing came of it.

Amartel said...

The Cali statute of lims is quite lengthy for child sex abuse. There's also a delayed discovery rule (which doesn't appear to apply to the Louisiana kids). For Louisiana, the SOL may have been tolled because he fled the state and apparently also the country.