Saturday, April 26, 2014

wheel of justice

Utterly pointless.

The film Idiocracy was more prescient than imagined. I haven't seen it but I read about it.

This wheel of justice is a real thing. I checked Channel 4/WJXT, turns out to be Jacksonville FL station searched "wheel of justice" on their site and discovered they do this once a week.

The video showing presently on their own page is better than this one but it embeds oddly here so checked out  the U-tubes and the segments are posted there too, but this one is not up yet.

Believe me, we are laughingstock. I feel shame.


President-Mom-Jeans said...

I see hardly any white men on the wheel.

The wheel of justice is racist.

And the station, local police, and probably most of the viewers of that are retarded.

Woe to the Republic.

ricpic said...

I don't get the "I feel shame" comment.

Eric the Fruit Bat said...

Stuff like that video make me feel sad. And stuff like that is all over the place, so it seems.

I'd desperately like to feel more at ease in this world.

I think the only way for that to happen is for me to go get my brain reprogrammed.

And that's probably not the least bit possible.

Which again, makes me feel sad.

Rabel said...

The Jville cops don't bother too much with that "alleged" business, do they.