Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Blue Moon 
I'm so tired of being alone
These penitent walls are all I've known
Songbird calling across the water
Inside my silent asylum 
Oh don't leave me on my own
Left me standing all alone
Cut me down to size so I can fit inside
Lies that will divide us both in time 
See the turncoat on his knees
A vagabond that no one sees
When a moon is throwing shadows
You can't save the ones you've caught in battle 
Oh don't leave me on my own
Left me standing all alone
Cut me down to size so I can fit inside
Lies you try to hide behind your eyes 
Don't leave me on my own
Don't leave me on my own
So cut me down to size so I can fit inside
Lies that will divide us both in time


Synova said...

I was at a thrift store today (I found two small pieces of amber carnival glass, whoo hoo!) and this song started playing...

It's in a soprano register and I thought it must be a woman and I found it really distracting and I thought... that's terrible. And it went on and on and on.

So I ask my kid, who is 16, if she knew who was singing that, who the artist was. She said no. A lady near me said... "That? It's Michael Jackson!" And I said, "Oh? Wow." I held my hand out a bit above my waist. "That must have been when he was really little and really cute and it was a big deal because of his age because my ears are about bleeding."

So... thought I'd share.

It really is remarkable considering how old he was. Even people who are great singers don't often have the control at that age.

But it still made my ears bleed.

Chip Ahoy said...

I do not understand this song.

It seem highly personal. I cannot relate.

Know what?

I yelled at a woman today at the top of my voice.

I hadn't done anything like that in decades. In fact, I cannot even recall ever doing such a thing.

She was yelling first.As if for someone to come and get her. Plaintive screams without specific words, yet the same pattern repeated as if a name of someone. Like ten times. So annoying.

I stepped out onto the terrace, saw a woman in the corner of a small car park below in a wheelchair screaming to nobody in particular.

I took a breath, challenged my vocal chords or voice box or whatever is in my neck to produce the loudest sound possible,



She obeyed and shut up, surprisingly, but so did not answer what she wanted because she had shut up. But then 5 men appeared on their own terraces, no women appeared, looked directly at me, each one did, shrugged and left their terraces. Later the woman wheeled off.

I blame Reagan. For allowing the mentals to roam free. But what can you do? After One Flew Over the Cuckoo Nest it's nearly impossible keeping someone committed.

Chip Ahoy said...

I recognize that song. My sister had it. Along with a song about a rat named Ben. A real rat.

A song for a movie, I think. I made fun of the rat song and my sister became upset with me. She said, "You know rats are creatures too" or some bit of girlish wisdom that added to my mocking laughter.

Such a strange girl but that did show her bizarre tender side. I think she saw the movie and identified with Ben the rat or the rat-keeper or something.

chickelit said...

I had a pet rat when I was 10 or 11 and remember seeing "Willard" and liking it. The Michael jackson song "Ben" was written for it. I never liked the song.

Crispin Glover did a remake of "Willard" which I've never seen but prolly should.

deborah said...



Known Unknown said...

Dogging Meade, oblivious to the meaning of the word 'dogging.'