Thursday, April 17, 2014


East Rutherford — In a bit of an ironic scenario, New York Jets football player Michael Vick was attacked by a pitbull as he left MetLife Stadium this Saturday (March 22, 2014).

As not for whom the dog barks, it barks for thee.


Shouting Thomas said...

My girlfriend's house is not far from the atrociously named Metlife Stadium.

The stadium is an incredibly ugly, faceless botch of a design. Most closely resembles one of those outdoor Carrier air conditioning units.

Apparently, the "dog bites Vick" story is a satire.

We'll have to rely on opposing defensive linemen to take vengeance on Vick. Given the Jets' offensive line history, I think we can count on him taking some huge hits.

Michael Haz said...

No, it's a true story because it was on the internet.

Unknown said...

Did the dog force him into a street fight and then drown him in the pool after he lost?

Michael Haz said...

It's hard to tell - the dog has hired an excellent legal defense team. And the dog's team is standing behind it.

The Dude said...

Are Vick's shots up to date? Dog might catch something.

Chip Ahoy said...

News Nerds is interesting. Their logo is a white nerd dude, but all their items pertain to black culture. The lighter side of make-believe black culture loosely based on fact.

I learned

* Taylor swifts medical condition make her afraid of black men

* a religion based on Beyonce

* Shower scene earns Mimi Fust Bed Bath Beyond endorsement

* Scientist discover all men cheat

* Patti Labelle arrested for fist fight with Aretha Franklin

* Solja Boy previews gay club song "Yass Bitch Yass"

* Noa screening cancelled after movie theater floods

* President and first lady caught having sex in oval office

After all that, only two comments over there to this piece indicate they're on to the prank site. One of the remarks "your all stupid" is shouted down. (your is correct, it's part of being stupid, origin: your all gay)

AllenS said...

Only one president has sex in the oval office and it isn't with the fist lady.

ricpic said...

So I take it Taylor Swift's medical condition is sanity.

edutcher said...

Bon appetit, as Sherlock says.

bagoh20 said...

" In the latest poll from Fox News, 61% believe that Barack Obama lies some or most of the time on “important matters,” while only 15% say Obama never lies."

OK, now I know more than 15% of us believe that Elvis is still alive and performing on the mother ship in the Three Titty Lounge behind the moon, but who empties the drool buckets for that 15% who think Obama never lies?

Michael Haz said...

Heh. The Milwaukee Bucks new owner is a Clinton/Obama bundler wh has ties to a gambling ring run by the Russina mafia.

Article here.

Unknown said...
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Dust Bunny Queen said...

Too good to be true.