Friday, April 25, 2014

Hashtag diplomacy

The State Department Is Getting Ruthlessly Mocked For Tweets Of 'Hashtag Diplomacy'

This took me far too long to figure out what twitter users were on about. The logic on twitter is fractured and scattered, what there is of logic. To our tremendous embarrassment our State Department imagines twitter hashtags will have any affect whatsoever on Russian actions. This is their sense of enlightened diplomacy.

The State Department's idea is to spread awareness of the situation in Ukraine, this while Russia masses on Ukraine's eastern border.

That would be spread awareness among Twitter users, no?

Jen Psaki, spokesperson for U.S. State Department tweeted this:

Igniting a snark riot.

My favorite:

Although I'm not sure how Dewey/Truman newspaper error has anything to do with it, that was the confusing part, but sill kind of funny. Others more apposite than this and more snarky. Here are a few in plain text stripped of confounding Twitterese:

I hear laughter in the #Kremlin -> John Kerry Just Gave #Russia A Final Warning

2016 Barack Obama wins the Nobel Hashtag Prize.

"We will Hashtag you !" Khruschev at the UN.

Khruschev pounded his shoe. Obama State Dept pounds...a pound sign. Cuz #hashtagdiplomacy y'all!=>

Has the hashtag been voxsplained yet?
(Ew, good one -- a twofer.)
Maybe it's just time to defriend Russia and ignore their texts?

The right to bear #hashtags shall not be infringed.

Jay, Adams, Seward, Hay, Acheson, Dulles... Our great past Secretaries of State wish they could come back to pimp slap Kerry right now.

The hashtags are going out all over Europe - English Sec Grey at the start of WWI.

at least Kerry can say he accomplished a #hashtag attack on #russia   #hillarynotsomuch

if you outlaw #hashtags, only outlaws will have #hashtags

Obama promised that we would beat our blogs into ploughshares; now he wants to escalate into a flame war.

We shall have peace. We shall have peace when Saruman honors his hashtags. - Theoden King.

And so on. I am so proud to be American right now. That whole 'world's policeman' thing was getting old. Our legacy squandered.


Unknown said...

Is # the new reset button?

deborah said...

Those are brilliant.

I'm Full of Soup said...

Jen Zsaki is a bit like Biden. Arrogant and dumb.

Third Coast said...

Just about spewed my AM coffee at the thought of Putin worrying about losing a flame war on Twitter. Too funny.

deborah said...

TC, you make me imagine Putin spewing his coffee over the quoted tweets.

john said...

No wonder Putin thinks the internet is a CIA plot.

Amartel said...


Icepick said...

AllahPundit tweeted the following:

If Putin moves on Moldova, we escalate to Facebook poke.

Michael Haz said...

Should the US poke Putin before or after unfriending him?

Amartel said...

Unfriend Pooter.
That'll show him.

Icepick said...

Haz, I have no idea, as I don't do Facebook. Can you poke someone that isn't a friend? If you have to be friends to poke them, that suggests the next stage of escalation after poking, though.

(All this talk of pokes has me thinking of Lonesome Dove, though I'm pretty sure a Facebook poke and a Lonesome Dove poke aren't the same thing.)

Lem said...

President Obama declares "#Hashtag for our time."

Lem said...

Putin charges over half of Obamas followers are either dead or straight up fakes, Acorn operatives or Chicago transients.


deborah said...

Those are great, Lem.

Ice, maybe we should get on Facebook...they might come for the non-Facebookers first.