Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Where we take it to the limit.

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Shouting Thomas said...

Thank God, you didn't post the Eagle's tune. Overplayed.

"Hotel California" is even worse.

And, I'm playing it with the kid band.

Shouting Thomas said...

Toby Keith raps!

ndspinelli said...

I met some Aussies @ the Grand Canyon last week. They had just come from Vegas after seeing this guy. He's real big in Australia.

ndspinelli said...

The Dude HATES the Eagles.

Shouting Thomas said...

Even the Eagles hate the Eagles.

But, they make a lot of money being the Eagles.

deborah said...

ST, big coincidence as I wasn't even thinking of the Eagles, at least not consciously. My fave song by them is Desperado.

Dust Bunny Queen said...
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Dust Bunny Queen said...

Hotel California" is even worse

Maybe you'll like this versionof Hotel California Flamenco!!!

The Dude said...

I hate it when that happens...

The Dude said...

FWIW, the great George Wallace plays the role of "Doctor" in that clip.

Shouting Thomas said...


The Flamenco version rocks!

Dust Bunny Queen said...

@ ST. Glad you liked it. I lurve Flamenco music.

Today is a soup day. Raining and dreary. Time to thin out the freezer and clean the vegetable drawer. Found a half rack of slightly freezer burned pork ribs and some old raw chicken parts that I freeze for soup stock. Have some tired onions, celery and carrots. Throw in a handful of peppercorns, hot pepper flakes, garlic, kosher salt, frozen oregano and let 'er simmer all day long. Strain the stock. Pick the meat off the bones to add back into the broth. Skim. Later. Add in some leftover chicken breast from day before yesterday's roasted chicken and the picked meat. Fresher vegetables! Some chopped carrots, fresh chopped celery. Use up that red bell pepper that is languishing in the veggie drawer, a few red potatoes that I'll dice up. Maybe some green beans. Possibly a can of stewed tomatoes. Lonesome couple stalks of broccoli? Mushrooms? More spices, salt? Whatever you got. Rainy day soup. It is different every time.

Also have a bit of buttermilk. I think some fresh biscuits. And a salad with orange slices and nuts.

Flamenco music is GREAT for housecleaning music. You cannot sit still. Makes you move. Ole!!! I'll just play some more of this while getting busy.

The Dude said...

Now I want to go to Spain!

Chip Ahoy said...

I never heard this. I signed it to myself because it is fast and a bit easy to predict where it's going logically and it is fun and it turns out hilarious in sign. I think.

Ha! four versions.

I watched them all, partially. And now I have quite enough.
5 times including my own.

Theirs are not funny.

The first three say "talk about" as "join" sometimes pulled back and forth, the fourth video goes to the mouth for "speak" but executes it more as "disappoint," index finger to space between lower lip and chin. Several ways to do talk and speak and discuss and confab and the like, that whole "talking" is somewhat stylistic.

I use an index finger twirling at my lips. I use an open hand tapping my lips like the sign for "water" except all fingers and not "w" as with water, and two of those with both hands chopping past each other would be discussing back and forth.

But this is more like yap yap yapping as with the duck mouth hand and none of the four videos get across the bird is talking about herself ALL THE TIME. Instead they all look more like the singer is egoist wanting to talk about themselves and fail at depicting the subject as indulgent.

None distinguish between "me" and "I" and in these videos I no long see the word "I" as I've used all my life, the letter "i" put on the sternum, it appears emphatic and specific compared to pointing to yourself.

They all get lost. I do not see "grandmother" and "grandfather" and there is no clear "X" lover, they all the shuffle to the past motion for that.

Too much sloppiness obscuring the precision in the song.

The second one bounces back and forth making himself more difficult to follow to impart bouncy music affect that does not contribute.

The song offers a lot more than these four deliver. None convey the amusement and fun present in the song.

Other than that, good job.

deborah said...

A definite improvement DBQ! Soup sounds delish.

Trust Sixty to know the Desperado guy...I don't recall seeing that episode.

deborah said...

Sixty, that dance was cool. It seemed to have elements of tango, but also I think there are Islamic influences in the hand movements, like holding castanets and undulating the arms. Neat to see the cultures mixing over time.

deborah said...

"The song offers a lot more than these four deliver. None convey the amusement and fun present in the song."

I think the third one was the most effective at presentation?

Now, if only you would make a vid of how to do it correctly :)

Lydia said...

There's also the influence of classical Indian dancing on flamenco. Brought to it by the Spanish Romani/gypsy people.

ndspinelli said...

Sixty, You'll appreciate this having a relationship w/ my bride. We were in Vegas w/ our high school daughter and a friend. We wanted to take them to a show and knew George Wallace would be appropriate. Well, he called Leslyn up on stage and busted her ball about being a Federal Probation Officer. The next day we're @ a trade show and George is there. He was really nice and posed for pictures w/ the girls. He recently announced he's giving up his gig @ Harrah's.

The Dude said...

He is a funny guy. Hope he lands a tv gig so that I can see him work more often.

deborah said...

Lydia, thanks. BTW, I meant to mention belly-dancing with relation to the Islamic influence (arms, castanets), and you remind me that there is belly dancing in India also. I wonder where it originated?

Your link made me think of Thai dancing:


which in turn makes me think of the dancing geisha do. Also kabuki?