Thursday, April 17, 2014

Cruz 2016

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I could support that! : Paul/Cruz or Cruz/Paul 2016

Retweeted by who?

The photo is incomplete, it really shows Rand Paul at top, and apparently Cruz as candidate for V.P.

May as well start campaigning now. It is the way of American politics. US History American government, a blah straightforward article that comes nowhere near touching the psychosis involved. I was looking for names. Who started this, so I can focus my distain.

Something is still missing. Your bottoms!



deborah said...

Very nice, but if you want to impress conservatives make this happen :)


Synova said...

I like the photoshop. Excellent.

john said...

How about Walker/Paul or Cruz/Walker? (or Walker/Cruz).

Then how about Rubio/?

edutcher said...

I think many, maybe most, on the Right like that.

PS Rubio? Shirley, you jest.

Lem said...

I may vote for him, but I refuse to get the tattoos ;)

Known Unknown said...

Paul/Walker would go down in flames.

Too soon?

deborah said...
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deborah said...

People who want Rand are in about the same position as those who thought Palin was the cat's meow (presidential material wise), i.e., unrealistic. He has sullied himself with the Civil Rights Act BS, so kiss him good-bye.

Cruz, Paul, and Rubio are the junior senators from their states. Ryan is an effing Representative, for Pete's sake.

Get real, people.

Walker is a first term governor without a college degree. He needs to keep his powder dry, get a degree, and come out swinging in 2020. Currently, he would be extremely viable as a VP pick, but I think the first path is better.

Ideal candidate:
-female who could match Hillary verbally
-or male who could skewer Hillary verbally, in a gentlemanly manner
-seasoned governor

I'd rather see Jan Brewer nominated, and the contest turn into a bitch fight cage match, than watch these pikers go down in flames.