Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Muddy Waters overcomes his refractory period...albino shouts encouragement:


rcommal said...

"Warren vs. Cruz 2016"

I'm for that.

Shouting Thomas said...

Muddy Waters never had a refractory period.

One of the greats.

And, this is a great tune. Used to do it.

And, not during my refractory period.

chickelit said...

That would be a decisive match-up, r.l.

@ST: It was a simple pun on the album title; no need to read more deeply.

chickelit said...

I see elsewhere this morning that Althouse is acting all uppity because she was once called "albino." Heh. Coincidence?

My son and I were once ineffectually called "Germans" by a young eumelanated man on my son's first day of high school. I suppose it was because my son had blond hair and because mine is mousey-brown-gone-gray. I never figured out exactly what the guy meant.

Shouting Thomas said...

Muddy is one of my heroes.

God, was he great!

Best club performer I ever saw. And, I saw him close up and personal in small clubs in Chicago. Even threw back a shot or two with him and the boys in the band on a couple of occasions.

Muddy is justly considered a legend in the blues biz.

Rabel said...

ST, you are the Forrest Gump of Lem's place.

Shouting Thomas said...

ST, you are the Forrest Gump of Lem's place.

So true!

It's Muddy's birthday.

Happy birthday, Muddy!

Shouting Thomas said...


It's actually the anniversary of Muddy's death!

We miss you Muddy!

The Dude said...

Birthday, deathday, at least you don't think that Duke Ellington was born in 1864 like a certain bovine - damn, that isn't even close.

Icepick said...

"Warren vs. Cruz 2016"

Ugh. Two people who's largest accomplishments are getting elected and being loudmouths. Ugh.

Now go pack, woman! Those suitcases won't fill themselves!

Icepick said...

"Warren vs. Cruz 2016"

OTOH, it would be the vacuous election we have come to deserve.

I suggest as running mates Cliven Bundy and Allan Grayson. What they have in common is that they're both nullifiers.