Monday, April 28, 2014


U2 guitarist The Edge is quoted saying "You Get What You Give" is the song he is most jealous of: "I really would love to have written that."


Beloved Commenter AReasonableMan said...

I love this song.

chickelit said...

Fixed some typos.

Lem said...

for a long time I thought it was U2.

Unknown said...

I don't like the song at all. The 2nd note feels good, but it all falls apart for me after that scream.

On the theme of getting and giving I prefer this song and this band.

Love I try, and away they go
And in this ol' town the wind starts blowin
And the radio sings blues for free
We got the bottle down for soakin' dreams (yeah!)
"Tears of a clown" well, hey, that's me
And hearts that fall in two pretend they don't show
Holding back the rain, baby, let it go
You don't get much without giving

chickelit said...

I like the song because it came out the year my son was born, it's about being a teenager, and he's a teenager now.

Unknown said...

Associations are powerful.

I associate the song with Jon Cusack. Not a fan.

Chip Ahoy said...

That dude is a bronco fan.

Unknown said...

That said, It is a happy song, and the world needs more happy songs.

Lem said...

My sad songs are my happy songs.

Lem said...

I made a huge mistake with my iTunes library.

I attempted to move it to an external hardrive and that went off w/o a hitch.

The problem is I lost the checked/unchecked setting.

Now all the tracks all 32,599 all checked... problem with that is they don't all fit on the iPod.

Problems of an iPod keepr.

Lem said...

I also lost the rating column.

I called Apple but they couldn't help me.

Aridog said...

You've got the music in you ... from the lyrics.

Why yes, we do...see Kiki Dee and Thelma Houston :-)

Disco is not dead. It evolved! And then moved on through the 1950's ... all the way to now and beyond.

Beyond is kicken' the jams and the ultimate LA.

Yes, I am old and addicted to stuff.

I lived past 27, don't know why. I was in a war zone. Should have died. Didn't. Clubbing in the late 70's and early 80's was what we did.

Chip Ahoy said...

32,600 songs is too many songs. So let this be a lesson.

You know, at the core of hoarding lies deep emotional issues.

I see these people on teevee and think, I have no patience for you and your junk-related psychological problems. Your family is destroyed and you'd still rather have the junk and all the misery that goes with it.

Oh dear. I just realized I pay $40.00 a month to keep crap I have no intention of using. Allow me to step away and get my own house in order. I retract that whole "too many songs" thing. That was a bit rash and self-unaware. Apologies.

Unknown said...

Yeah Lem - You're hoarding music,. Stop it. :)

Chip Ahoy said...

Chickenlittle, your chirbits are fantastic. You are probably the best at putting on accents that I know. Ever do female voices? Have you tried Susan Collins?

I could. But the tongue-novocaine injections to start off make the whole effort not worth the fun.

Lem said...

Most of it was gifted to me by a new friend from the industry.

I was in the process of selecting what to check and what to keep unchecked and what to delete altogether.

Until the brilliant idea of moving it occurred to me and I did it w/o consulting anybody about it.

I'm back at square one.

Lem said...

Susan Collins has a Harpo horn in her throat going off intermittently.

Bycicle horn

Known Unknown said...

The 2nd note feels good, but it all falls apart for me after that scream.

You're incredibly particular.

deborah said...

This song confused me for a couple minutes. I thought, is this a cover of something...or is this a particular vocal style? Then I realized it made me think of Katy Perry's You're a Firework.

chickelit said...

Then I realized it made me think of Katy Perry's You're a Firework.

So, given the respective release dates, Katy Perry is derivative of "The New Radicals"? Those things interest me. I have all my iTune songs chroned by release date.

deborah said...

I doubt it, just the song really puzzled me till I got what it reminded me of.