Sunday, April 27, 2014

Japan agrees to halt whaling

News passed through a Yahoo group email yesterday. Everyone gleed. Answered today contrarily. 

Japan Agrees to End Commercial Whaling

strictly speaking, "in Antarctic reserves"

Actually I love to eat whale meat in sashimi with gingered
soy-bean sauce (shoyu) and with a cup of cooled Japanese
sake, what a delicacy!

Talking points:
1. There is no IQ list in the animal kingdom, say, the IQ of cow
is inferior to that of whale. Even cow reveals some sign of
affection, for example, when bobby calf is drawn apart.
If you have some solid objective evidence showing
whales have higher IQ than other species, I would recomend
you to submit your paper to the peer-reviewed international
journal, e.g., Science, Nature, or the Proceedings of the
National Academy of Science USA.

2. Minke is not endangered ecologically, now plenty, it is the consensus
of scientific community. In this context, I would recommend
subspecies-based controlled whaling. Japan do not
advocate of whaling of blue whale / Balaenoptera Musculus.

Measuring Success in Conservation
Assessing efforts to restore populations of marine mammals is partly a 
matter of epistemology: How do you know when enough is enough?
American Scientist, July-August 2000
available at

3. There are many strange mode of life all over this planet,
e.g., there are some people eating meat of dogs! or
chasing and hunting wild animals and finally kill with
knives and spear brutally, actually within the soil of the
western side of the USA, as a hobby!.

Difference of culture must be preserved.

BTW, I would like Caucacians refrain from eating whale
meat, since if they learn that delicacy, the prices would
skyrocket and overfishing non-stoppable, then we
the Japanese people will be unable to access to that delicacy,
as maguro tuna had become so after sushi is accepted
overseas,,,,,. I am afraid that some of my friends in the
USA experienced the delicacy of meat of whale during
stay in Japan and were amazed at palatability. Of
course, I issued gag-order to them.

Akio Hasegawa, M.D., PhD
Odawara, Kanagawa, Japan
New web host <>
<Facebook: Search with "Akio Hasegawa" or "長谷川章雄"
(and icon with beard and mustache)


XRay said...

I get your point, Chip, I think. But if there were any horse I might mount, given as at this point, I've mostly resigned myself as too old for my caring to mean anything, the windmill of our oceans would seem the most pertinent.

Sadly, I see no sustainable (world wide) effort at attempting to live within our means re this resource.

Fads, such as Sushi, along with the day to day drudgery of protein intake, will, eventually, lead to a dead ocean.

Which shortly thereafter will we so be.

Aridog said...

From the article linked...

The Endangered Species Conservation Act (ESCA) of 1969 and its 1973 iteration, the Endangered Species Act (ESA), defined categories for endangered and threatened species but provided no criteria for deciding when a species should be listed, delisted or "downlisted" from endangered to threatened.

Probably didn't mean to do so, but the author nailed the problem right there.

No scientific measurement, just bureaucrats exercising or not exercising their power. And doing so for specific constituencies $$$$$$

I have directly hands on participated in the Peregrine Falcon Recovery, only to now note that solar power centers and wind turbines will chop up or fry many of them along traditional (and well f'ing known) migration routes.

I indirectly have been involved with wolves, wild horses, and bald eagles, and raptors of various kinds. now, blink, wolves are made an open season game animal for sport hunters, rather than simply letting ranchers, farmers, and municipalities defend their own boundaries as necessary, not for sport. Wild horses have their legal allotments decreased year by year, now at less than 50% of the original figure declared by law. The raptors, including eagles, will meet the same fates mentioned for the Peregrines.

I no longer contribute or donate to any national wildlife "conservation" outfit, because they are all bullshitters and con artists. One way to tell is to tell them over the phone or by mail or email to go fuck themselves and note that they still keep you on their mailing list for expensive four color solicitations. Grifters never quit.

William said...

I feel that I speak for many krill when I say that the only good whale is a dead whale. Perhaps krill lovers should form a society to protect these small, harmless creatures from the predations of enormous mammals.

Chip Ahoy said...

XRay, I don't have a point. I'm just showing what came up that I found interesting.

That was Japanese national dr. of something that responded.

Aridog said...
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Aridog said...

You may have not intended a point, by the citation I quoted from the linked article is why Cliven Bundy, BLM and Desert Tortises had a dust up. Some think Bundy wrong, unfair, yada yada...while BLM has virtually no more righteousness in their position...except there are $$$$ to be played.

Laws written by legislators with vague focus and no measurement criteria, not even a rough outline of same, are what institutionalized bureaucrats lets them (with Executive blessing) write "rules" with the force of "law" you see, without bothering with science per se...who needs science, eh? REgulatory agencies don't need no dang Judicial system either...just cross one and see how your fine/fee/penalty (all the same now since CJ-SCOTUS Roberts re-wrote plain English)is assessed.

Oh, you can take the agency to court...on your dime, and you do have the right to prove your innocence...but forget that "presumption of" part. Spit!

Example: The Clean Air Act did NOT cite CO2 as a pollutant....the EPA did that with rule making. Enjoy your higher electric and fuel bills as a result. Now ask yourself, in the Climate change fandango, who is making the $$$$ ?

All that and I think the good Professor Hasegawa had his tongue firmly in his cheek when he wrote the piece. There's a bunch of $$$$ in thet thar tuna/sushi, why not whale meat? Bureaucrats agree that gag orders are appropriate :-))

Eric the Fruit Bat said...

Jamaica still has whaling but Bob Marley died and it just hasn't been the same.

deborah said...

Chip, is it you saying you love whale shashimi with shoyu?