Monday, March 1, 2021

WKRLEM-TV: Young Rock


Fun new show. I especially enjoy the wrestlers from the days of my youte.

I think he will be President someday. Watch and see.


The Dude said...

"This video has been removed by the uploader" - so it goes.

Amartel said...

No more Arnolds, please.

Trooper York said...

Unfortunately I think celebrity candidates are the wave of the future. Especially in the populist groups. Normal politicians like Mike Pence and Ted Cruz are fossils and things of the past.

The Rock is a Democrat not a Republican. Celebrities are better off if they run as a Republican. In fact most of the celebrities who went into politics were Republicans. George Murphy. Reagan. Arnold. Trump.

I think weather girl Janice Dean might make a run for Governor of New York and has a chance to win.

The Rock is a Democrat so I think he might be shut out. If he ran as a populist Republican he would win in a landslide.

Amartel said...

The Rock is not a rock. He endorsed Biden. Like Arnold, he's a fake tough guy and is addicted being liked and will crumble at the first sign of push back from the left, and, this being California, the push back will be massive and will come at him from all sides. I am interested in Rick Grenell for Gov.

The Dude said...

Rick Grenell, flamer from SoCal, is pro-tranny. Why he thinks pandering to the sickest of the sick portion of this nation's mentally ill population is a winning strategy is beyond me, but he needs to get out of the bathhouse more often.

Amartel said...

I am interested, that's all. It's early days. We've got Kevin Faulconer as well so I'm interested in him, too. Just so long as the Dems don't slide some milquetoast waste of space lefty in disguise to make california even worse. If someone (adult) lives as trans and still wants to vote right then I don't care if he's a trans. Mess around with kids over my dead body, though. That's what Biden wants to do.