Monday, March 1, 2021

This Election Was Rigged and the Supreme Court and Other Courts Did Not Want to Do Anything About It

In the interests of wit, I will keep it short.

Does that sound like a man willing to wait until '24?

I don't think so, either. I've talked about a possible Trump reinstatement before. Yeah, I know, long shot. From the moon. With a slingshot.

But look at the fuss a million people in DC caused on Epiphany. Look even harder at how Zippy's third term is turning out. Look at the Deep State Dwarf talking about when it might be prudent to lift the lockdown. And how many masks we ought to wear in the meantime.

Look at the lying dogfaced pony soldier and the blithering Ho that rode in on him.

What happens if enough people, fed-up, out of work, kids at home instead of in school, watching illegals take up what jobs there are, waiting for checks we all know aren't coming, descended on DC? 5, 10 million demanding Trump be reinstated as the lawful (and competent) President?

It just might be Springtime for Hitler.


MamaM said...

I don't see that happening, edutcher. However, I did come across an old story/myth this week that seemed fitting, involving a wolf, a coyote, a mouse, and a rattlesnake.

While the wolf and coyote spent weeks talking and arguing, planning, scheming and doling out advice as to how to best take on a well-guarded and seemingly invincible foe, the mostly silent mouse quietly found its way into the stronghold through the back entrance and proceeded to weaken the enemy's bowstrings by chewing them 3/4's of the way through so "they would break the moment any tension was put on them". And the well-camouflaged rattlesnake was able to slide in undetected to observe daily habits and deliver a deadly strike to their foe's vulnerable area at the opportune moment and thus save the day.

At this point, I'm hoping for the work of a mouse or rattlesnake to undo what's been done outside the law and address the changes that need to be made. I'm also aware however, during this season of Lent, that the "What is Truth" by-pass and washing of hands and the "Give us Barabas" approach and trade-off has been around almost as long as the ancient myth about justice realized through unexpected means.

edutcher said...

Nice point, Mama.

Trump has mostly been out of sight since the Epiphany Coup and we've seen a lot of the incompetence, corruption, duplicity, and just plain ineptitude of the current clown car just in the last month. IOW He's letting the Demos cut their own throats because, like the rest of us, he knows what the current collection of Choom Gang has-beens and Demo primary also-rans, where a nominee had to be appointed, is capable of achieving, and it ain't much.

Your point about gradualism is what I think is happening. Like the dam in Force 10 From Navarone, it's all about the trickle and that is what Trump is letting happen (I may not have expressed myself clearly).

The people placing their hope in '22 are likely to be disappointed since GA was supposed to be a red state, but a few NeverTrumpers showed otherwise. Epiphany shows few Whigs can be trusted.

The issue is the whole world knows the election was stolen and how much do you take when you know there is a legitimate alternative?

This is one of those "If you sit by the river long enough, you will see the bodies of your enemies float by" things and Trump, an ardent disciple of Sun Tzu, is prepared to let things simmer a while. He's a big carrot-and-stick guy and and he likes to give people a chance to find the path of righteousness. Last night was the carrot.

PS Love the "Give us Barrabas". You have a way with a metaphor.