Thursday, March 18, 2021

RIP Lt. Pope.

RIP Yaphet Kotto who starred in one of my all time favorite films "Across 110th St."

One of if not the best blackspoltation film of all time it had more stars than the summer sky. Just in this clip alone you saw the great Burt Young get killed as a glorified extra. You had Tony Quinn and the great Anthony Franciosa and Huggy Bear from Starsky and Hutch. You had black pimps and ho's and Mafia hit men and brutal and corrupt cops. You know. Reality.

This is how it was in 1972. This is how it is in 2021. They just refuse to acknowledge it because it is not politically correct to tell the truth.

Yaphet had limited range as an actor. He got the parts that the guy with the fucked up eye turned down. Still he was a talented even though you could never understand what the fuck he was saying.

RIP buddy. You did good.


ndspinelli said...

Great playing LT Giardello in Homicide and in Midnight Run.

Mumpsimus said...

And in Alien, of course.

ndspinelli said...

Of course.

edutcher said...

Always a class actor. First black on Death Valley Days (I know, before Troop's time) and even then he stood out.