Friday, March 5, 2021

Superman vs. Captain America


The two iconic heroes of the two main comic book companies were Superman and Captain America. Both were supposed to embody the essence of America. Truth, Justice and the American Way so to speak. What happened?

Superman was created in 1938 by Jerry Siegel and Joe Schuster. They had shopped around various versions of the character since 1932 and finally published a character that we recognize as Superman in Action Comics #1. Born on Krypton he was transported by space ship to Kansas where he was adopted by two corn fed Mid Westerners in Ma and Pa Kent who imbibed him with their values. 

Captain America was created by Jack Kirby and Joe Simon in 1941basiclly as a reaction to World War 2, He was as I sure you know a skinny sickly kid who wanted to enlist and agreed to be experimented on so he could serve his country. So he took a Super Soldier Serum that was devised by a mad scientist and became the Superhero that he is today. He fought Hitler. He fought Communists. He got disillusioned by racism and every other social justice bullshit story that Stan Lee could pull out of his ass. But he remained an icon of Americanism.

Both of those guys still are starring in comics, movies and TV shows. There is a new Superman Television show. Captain America was the star of a bunch of Marvel movies that made billions of dollars. There is a new show where a black guy is picking up Captain Americas shield when the government supposedly wants a white guy to do it. DC is hiring a racist to make a Black Superman movie. 

Superman was created by a couple of nerdy Jewish kids who wanted to create a hero who would save America. Captain America was created by a couple of Jewish kids who wanted a hero to fight the Nazi's and the Fascists. Those days are gone now.

Now they are both going to be used to attack normal Americans. To push a radical liberal agenda. Even more than they have ever done before. Iconic American heroes will be perverted to push an agenda. 

I think they will be a miserable failure. Especially the Superman movie. That still doesn't make it right.

Where have you gone Clark Kent and Steve Rodgers? A lonely nation turns it's eyes to you.


Some Seppo said...

You mean imbued, not imbibed

Wokism is just weaponized PC. As has been pointed out, the weapons always circle back. This too shall pass when the shareholders decide that there's not enough profit in being an arrogant ass.

chickelit said...

Coates is going to deliver a surprise knockout punch to the creators of the original. And for no reason other than he can.

MamaM said...
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MamaM said...

Imbibing is what the large C Catholics do to absorb the essence of their Transplanted Savior from another place.

Interesting to me is the fact that Superman and Captain American were both created by "Jewish kids", which makes it likely their imaginations were imbued with the long-carried, historical hope of a wonder-performing Messiah.