Wednesday, March 17, 2021

For all us old cavalry troopers, redlegs, and doughboys (if only on Saturday afternoon)

Attending a St Paddy's Day party, I chanced to hear my Songbirds of the South warbling Danny Boy and I was cad enough to ask for some real Irish songs. They really didn't know any except The Unicorn and I mentioned that most of the songs of the US Army are of Irish origin and just got a blank look.

So, for Mary Alice and Priscilla, I submit some real Irish songs.


PS In the last couple of days, a few polls have come out showing the American people are not pleased with the lying dogfaced pony soldier. While we should all approach polls with a less-than-tolerant skepticism, I noted they all seemed to hover at about 75% disapproval. I did a little reverse engineering of my own estimate of what the last election would have looked like with an honest count and only came up with 2/3.

Make of this what you will.


Trooper York said...

Nice post ed.

The Duke call backs in paticular.

Well done.

The Dude said...

I checked the comments, saw that Troop had commented, and it was only then that I realize that this was not a Trooper post. Well done, edutcher!

edutcher said...

Merci to both of you.